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SIBUR is the leading petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe covering the full industrial cycle from gas processing to manufacturing monomers, plastics and synthetic rubbers, and processing plastics. In the Russian market, SIBUR processes more than the half of all associated petroleum gas and manufactures 34% of synthetic rubbers, 38% of HDPE, 27% of polypropylene, 65% of monoethylene glycols, 55% of butadiene, as well as a considerable number of other petrochemicals.

The Company fosters innovation in Russia, helping the country to reduce its dependency on raw materials. SIBUR Holding includes more than 20 companies which manufacture over 2,000 types of products.

SIBUR Holding's products are exported to 60 countries around the world. The Company’s growth strategy benefits from the stability provided by its close relationships with partners. SIBUR International Gesellschaft m.b.H., a subsidiary of SIBUR, delivers trading and logistical services to the Company and other manufacturers in the industry, and is engaged in the export and sale of petrochemical products from Russia to Europe and Asia. It also manages storage areas in ports around the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea where it receives, disposes and ships cargos.

Tobolsk-Polymer is one of the world's largest polypropylene manufacturing plants with an annual capacity of 500,000 tonnes. The use of technologies from Ineos and leading engineering company, Fluor, will make it possible to significantly increase the volumes of associated petroleum gas processing. The new plant will allow SIBUR to meet an ever-growing need for polypropylene. Tobolsk-Polymer's range of grades will enable entrance into all large-capacity segments of the world market.

Continued improvements in advanced manufacturing processes, environmental protection and industrial safety guarantee high environmental safety standards in the manufacturing complex. Process solutions implemented at Tobolsk-Polymer are the safest in the industry. The project is implemented under the supervision of leading international environmental organizations. An independent environmental audit of Tobolsk-Polymer confirmed that the project conforms to Russian environmental protection legislation and international environmental protection regulations.

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    Platform for startups through IQ-CHem contest

    World leading companies in the field of gas processing, petrochemicals and chemicals join efforts to promote the innovative development of the industry. Chemical engineering startups can apply until March 1, 2017 for the IQ-CHem contest supported by SIBUR, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, ... more

    SIBUR reports H1 2013 IFRS results

    OAO SIBUR Holding, a unique integrated gas processing and petrochemicals company, today published its operational and financial results for the three and six months ended 30 June 2013 in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In the first half of 2013, SIBUR’s g ... more

    LLC SIBUR selects INEOS Technologies as a licensor for 1.5 million tonnes of polyethylene capacity.

    INEOS Technologies confirms that it has licensed its Innovene™ G process and Innovene™ S process for the manufacture of linear low density and high density polyethylene products to the ZapSibNeftekhim production complex of Sibur in Tobolsk, Russia.The two 400 kta Innovene™ G plants and the ... more

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