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Your Partner for Characterization of particles, powders and pores

Our company stands for the extensive characterization of dispersions, powders and porous materials. With our innovative analytical instruments a multitude of particle properties can be determined with a variety of methods, such as: • Acoustic spectroscopy / particle size • BET-surface area • Image analysis / particle shape • Chemisorption • Vapor sorption • Density, tap density, bulk density, raw density • Breakthrough curves and gas mixture adsorption • Laser diffraction • Pore analysis • Rheology • Stability of emulsions • Viscosity • Zeta potential of original dispersions

In the field of laser diffraction we are pushing the limits in 2018! The new BETTERSIZER S3 Plus combines both laser diffraction and imaging analysis in a special way. This novelty allows the analysis of particle size (ranging from 0.01 µm up to 3500 µm) and particle shape in only one instrument.

The new instrument series for the applied characterization of technical and newly developed adsorbents with breakthrough curves and gas mixture adsorption, which was developed by us, completes the portfolio. All instruments offered by us are also available in our own scientific application laboratory LabSPA (Laboratory for Scientific Particle Analysis).The LabSPA performs contract analysis on powders, dispersions and porous materials. It also takes part in method development, quality control and comparative studies.

Our highly qualified team of experts will not only advise you on all questions and challenges regarding particle characterization, it will also offer a number of seminars and workshops throughout the year. Within the scope of R&D-Projects we are in close cooperation with a number of research institutes. Continuity and reliability have also been a cornerstone for our service department, satisfying customers for 30 years now, which is due to the high flexibility and fast reaction times of our thoroughly trained technicians.

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