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  • Metal instability achieves energy-efficient nanotechnology

    Osaka University and Italian researchers show their nanowire resonators can be used to miniaturize energy-efficient electronics Computers that fit in our pockets, television screens no thicker than a door, and cars only slightly bigger than their passengers, technology is constantly getting smaller. more

  • A semiconductor that can beat the heat

    A newly discovered collective rattling effect in a type of crystalline semiconductor blocks most heat transfer while preserving high electrical conductivity - a rare pairing that scientists say could reduce heat buildup in electronic devices and turbine engines, among other possible applications. A more

  • Improving solar cell technology using new materials and nanowires

    Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are expanding solar cell technology using nanowires to capture more of the sun's energy and transform it into usable electricity. Comparable to ultra-thin blades of grass, nanowires added to today's conventional materials are capable of capturing more more

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