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Biotage AB Increases Focus on Environmental Market Segments


Biotage AB announced plans to increase its focus on growing business opportunities in the environmental analysis business. The strategy includes redeployed marketing and sales resources along with new product development for specific application areas.

In late 2007 Biotage launched EVOLUTE ABN 50 µm; a new SPE sorbent optimized for analysis of environmental contaminants in water. Biotage has near term development plans for several other products to strengthen its environmental offering.

Since acquiring the analytical consumable business from Argonaut Technologies in June 2005, Biotage has grown the business every year. Biotage CEO, Torben Jörgensen, says "This is a very important area of growth for Biotage as requirements from Environmental Agencies become more stringent and rapidly developing regions of the world intensify their focus on Environmental concerns. Biotage has high-performance, high-quality products that help scientists meet increasingly tougher guidelines with greater efficiency."

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