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  • Large-scale window material developed for PM2.5 capture and light tuning

    Tuning the light intensity and reducing the concentration of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) in commercial buildings are both crucial to keep indoor people comfortable and healthy. While, the intelligent smart windows fabricated on the flexible transparent electrodes can change its transmittance more

  • From the scent of roses to nylon and plastics

    Beguiling scents, sober facts: scents emanating from plants are almost always monoterpenes and monoterpene alcohols, the essential oils of plants are natural hydrocarbon compounds. For instant, geraniol is the tempting fragrant alcohol of roses. Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Mic more

  • A perfect material for air filters

    A research team from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have synthesized the material that is perfect for protection of respiratory organs, analytical research and other practical purposes. An almost weightless fabric made of nylon nanofibers more

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The Chemistry of the World Cup Football

A number of chemical materials are used in the manufacture of the Brazuca, the World Cup football. The majority of these materials are polymers; these are very long molecules built up from many smaller component molecules. A simple, everyday example is polyethene, used to make some plastic bags. Dif more

The Chemistry of the EURO 2016 Football

This year’s European Championships are now well under way in France, and there’s already been some great football on show. It might surprise you to learn that some chemistry has also been taking centre-stage! The EURO 2016 ball is a triumph of materials science, and in this post we take a look at so more

Chemistry History

On this day in 1896, Wallace Carothers was born. Listed by C&EN magazine in their recent list of scientists who should have won a Nobel prize, we have Carothers to thank for nylon, which can be used in clothing, carpets, car parts and more. Here’s a quick look at the chemistry behind the discovery. more

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  • Kolon Industries, Inc. (120110) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Kolon Industries, Inc. (120110) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review Summary Kolon Industries, Inc. (Kolon) manufactures products for industrial materials, chemical, films/electronic materials, and fashion. The company carries out manufacturing of specialty chemical products. It manufact more

  • Germany Petrochemicals Report Q3 2012

    BMI’s Germany Petrochemicals Report looks at the opportunities for sector growth at a time when the economic environment in Europe is increasingly hostile, with production prices having fallen and demand stagnating. This report examines how German producers will achieve growth in the future – perh more

  • Germany Petrochemicals Report Q2 2012

    The German petrochemicals industry is set for a sharp slowdown in 2012, but is unlikely to contract unless the eurozone debt crisis goes out of control and impacts unfavourably on the European and global economy, according to BMI’s latest Germany petrochemicals report. Sales generated by Germany-bas more

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Nylon Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymer s first produced on February 28 , 1935 by Wallace Carothers at DuPont . Nylon is one of the most common polymers used as a fiber. Overview Nylon is a thermoplastic si ... more


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