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Compur Monitors GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Manufacturer of high - end gas detection equipment, fixed and portable. Detection of toxic and combustible gases in the LEL and ppm range. Electrochemical, catalytic, infrared and PID sensors. Distribution of Gas detector tubes and PID. more

Michell Instruments GmbH, Germany

Over 33 years of experience as the leading dewpoint measurement specialist, we opperate 3 manufacturing sites across Europe and 9 direct sales and service centers across the world. Our specialist field comprises the development, manufacture, sales and service of dewpoint technology, relative humidit more

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Measurement of concentrations for almost every key metering task

ProMinent DULCOTEST® sensors deliver exact, reliable and application-adjusted measured values in real time for the monitoring/control of processes. more

Combined measurement of nitric oxide and oxygen!

With even two analyzers of the new CLD 60 Ox series ECO PHYSICS combines for the first time the measurement of nitric oxide and oxygen. So get the benefit more

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  • Study reveals how oxygen is like kryptonite to titanium

    Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have found the mechanism by which titanium, prized for its high strength-to-weight ratio and natural resistance to corrosion, becomes brittle with just a few extra atoms of oxygen. The discovery, described in Science, has the potential to open th more

  • Linde to build new air separation unit in eastern Germany

    Technology company The Linde Group is set to build a new air separation unit in the eastern German town of Eisenhüttenstadt, near Frankfurt an der Oder. Around EUR 85 million will be channelled into the plant, which will supply the ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt steelworks with oxygen and nitrogen. more

  • Simulations for better transparent oxide layers

    Touchscreens and solar cells rely on special oxide layers. However, errors in the layers’ atomic structure impair not only their transparency, but also their conductivity. Using atomic models, Fraunhofer researchers have found ways of identifying and removing these errors. Smartphones, tablet comput more

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  • Sum parameters "on trail"

    Identification of organic pollutants in wastewater is essential for performance evaluation, construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Several parameters are currently used in wastewater analysis applications. The advantages of TOC analyses are apparent especially during continuous monitoring more

  • 35 years' experience in "black gold"

    There is a paradoxical consequence of the financial crisis: To produce bitumen is more attractive than ever. In the last six months prices for crude oil and, in particular, the consumption of heavy, sulfur-containing marine Diesel fuel (bunker oils) have dropped, while at the same time the need for bitumen has gone up all over the world due to government infrastructure investment programs. For this reason, the demand for Biturox® plants to produce road bitumen in an economical manner is increasing more

  • Process optimization made easy: design of experiments with multi-bioreactor system BIOSTAT® Qplus

    Design of experiments (DoE) is one of the most important techniques for systematic planning, execution and statistical evaluation of experiments. Although a DoE investigation is executable in one bioreactor, multi-bioreactor systems designed for parallel operation provide the optimal basis to realize a series of experiments in an economical way. The BIOSTAT® Qplus with up to 12 culture vessels represents the basis for a professional and time-saving process optimization. more

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EVAL Europe - Building better barriers

Japan Europe Asia Americas EVAL Europe N.V. supplies the European, Middle Eastern and African market with high-barrier EVAL(tm) ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resin. EVAL(tm) resins are characterised by their excellent processability and outstanding barrier properties. EVAL Europe EVOH Resi more

Dynisco - high-performance,cost-effective solutions for plastics extrusion processing

Skip navigation Search Plastics extrusion is a delicate process that requires not only accurate sensors and controls, but also fully integrated, finely engineered system solutions to ensure those controls perform according to the exact specifications needed for your application. With manufacturing f more

IKS International - Home

Enter a searchkey: Home News Press Releases Products XiltriX® system sensors CO 2 monitoring alarms reports traceability calibration/validation download flyer Distributors Wireless Monitoring Contact IKS International has built up an extensive product range over the years. Both equipment directly in more

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Oxygen Oxygen () is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous chemical element with the chemical symbol O and atomic number 8. It is a chalcogen , period 2 , nonmetal lic element that can form binary compound s (known as oxide s) with almo ... more


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