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The Standard for Lab Charge Measurement: Mütek™ PCD-05 Particle Charge Detector

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PCD-05 Travel

PCD-05 Standard

PCD-05 Light

PCD-05 Modules

The Mütek™ PCD-05 Particle Charge Detector measures colloidally dissolved substances in aqueous samples via charge titration. Charge levels significantly determine the efficiency of chemical additives whether these are applied in process operations, waste water treatment, surface technology, food and beverage, ceramics, colors, fillers and pigments, cosmetics and textiles.

Within the pulp and paper industry the Mütek PCD is already a standard tool for detecting anionic trash levels as well as for characterizing chemical additives.

The PCD-05 comes in three different versions: PCD-05 Light, PCD-05 Standard and PCD-05 Travel. The flexibility and modularity of the different versions fulfill a wide range of customer needs in regard to their application and measuring site (laboratory versus onsite surveys).

The PCD-05 detects the charge neutral point via a streaming potential measurement followed by a poly-electrolyte titration. PCD-05 Standard and Travel additionally allow acid/ base titrations in order to measure the pH at the isoelectric point.

A sophisticated software allows easy data handling and storage.


  • Highly accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Reliable results even at high conductivities
  • Easy to handle and robust
  • Complementary Mütek devices to measure zeta potential, retention or drainage

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