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ATC code G01

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

G Genito-urinary system and sex hormones


G01A Anti-infectives and antiseptics, excluding combinations with corticosteroids

G01AA Antibiotics

G01AA01 Nystatin
G01AA02 Natamycin
G01AA03 Amphotericin B
G01AA04 Candicidin
G01AA05 Chloramphenicol
G01AA06 Hachimycin
G01AA07 Oxytetracycline
G01AA08 Carfecillin
G01AA09 Mepartricin
G01AA10 Clindamycin
G01AA11 Pentamycin
G01AA51 Nystatin, combinations

G01AB Arsenic compounds

G01AB01 Acetarsol

G01AC Quinoline derivatives

G01AC01 Diiodohydroxyquinoline
G01AC02 Clioquinol
G01AC03 Chlorquinaldol
G01AC05 Dequalinium
G01AC06 Broxyquinoline
G01AC30 Oxyquinoline

G01AD Organic acids

G01AD01 Lactic acid
G01AD02 Acetic acid
G01AD03 Ascorbic acid

G01AE Sulfonamides

G01AE01 Sulfatolamide
G01AE10 Combinations of sulfonamides

G01AF Imidazole derivatives

G01AF01 Metronidazole
G01AF02 Clotrimazole
G01AF04 Miconazole
G01AF05 Econazole
G01AF06 Ornidazole
G01AF07 Isoconazole
G01AF08 Tioconazole
G01AF11 Ketoconazole
G01AF12 Fenticonazole
G01AF13 Azanidazole
G01AF14 Propenidazole
G01AF15 Butoconazole
G01AF16 Omoconazole
G01AF17 Oxiconazole
G01AF18 Flutrimazole
G01AF20 Combinations of imidazole derivatives

G01AG Triazole derivatives

G01AG02 Terconazole

G01AX Other anti-infectives and antiseptics

G01AX01 Clodantoin
G01AX02 Inosine
G01AX03 Policresulen
G01AX05 Nifuratel
G01AX06 Furazolidone
G01AX09 Methylrosaniline
G01AX11 Povidone-iodine
G01AX12 Ciclopirox
G01AX13 Protiofate
G01AX14 Lactobacillus fermentum
G01AX15 Copper usnate
G01AX66 Octenidine, combinations

G01B Anti-infectives/antiseptics in combination with corticosteroids

G01BA Antibiotics and corticosteroids

G01BC Quinoline derivatives and corticosteroids

G01BD Antiseptics and corticosteroids

G01BE Sulfonamides and corticosteroids

G01BF Imidazole derivatives and corticosteroids

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