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ATC code M05

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

M Musculo-skeletal system


M05B Drugs affecting bone structure and mineralization

M05BA Bisphosphonates

M05BA01 Etidronic acid
M05BA02 Clodronic acid
M05BA03 Pamidronic acid
M05BA04 Alendronic acid
M05BA05 Tiludronic acid
M05BA06 Ibandronic acid
M05BA07 Risedronic acid
M05BA08 Zoledronic acid

M05BB Bisphosphonates and calcium, sequential preparations

M05BB01 Etidronic acid and calcium
M05BB02 Risedronic acid and calcium

M05BC Bone morphogenetic proteins

M05BC01 Dibotermin alfa
M05BC02 Eptotermin alfa

M05BX Other drugs affecting bone structure and mineralization

M05BX01 Ipriflavone
M05BX02 Aluminium chlorohydrate
M05BX03 Strontium ranelate
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