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  Ampol, the Australian Motorists Petrol Company, was incorporated by Sir William Gaston Walkley in 1936 in New South Wales. This was in response to concerns of Australians with oil prices being set by overseas companies. There were also alleged issues with transfer pricing set by overseas oil companies to limit the amount of tax paid.

Walkley, along with William Arthur O'Callaghan and George Hutchison approached the National Roads and Motorists' Association(NRMA) and offered to help them form a company to provide petrol. Whilst deciding not to officially sponsor an oil company, members of the NRMA's board sought investors. In early 1936, an advertisement was printed in the NRMA's periodical publicising the float of Ampol. The first delivery of oil was received at White Bay in December 1937 and by 1939 Walkley joined the board of Ampol as Managing Director.[1]

 During World War II, Walkley served on the Oil Advisory Committee and the board of Pool Petroleum Pty Ltd, both of which supervised the distribution of petrol. This brought him into contact with Sir George Wales, who owned Alba Petroleum Co. of Australia Ltd which had a small market in South Australia and Tasmania. In 1945, Ampol purchased Alba Petroleum in an amicable takeover. The company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1948 and in 1949 the company changed its name to Ampol Petroleum Ltd.[2]

1965 saw the Lytton oil refinery in Brisbane, Queensland come on stream. Pioneer International Limited purchased a 20% stake in Ampol in 1979. In 1982 Ampol purchased the marketing and refining assets of Total Australia Limited and changed its name to Ampol Limited.

1989 saw Pioneer International Limited complete a successful takeover of Ampol which saw the company de-listed from the Australian Stock Exchange. The following year, the company purchased Solo Oil Limited, which was the largest independent retailer and distributor in Australia at that time. In May 1995, Caltex and Ampol merged petroleum refining and marketing assets to form Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd. The Ampol brand remains in use to this day primarily in country areas where customer loyalty and strong brand recognition are factors.[3]


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