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Anthony Dosseto

Anthony Dosseto, (b. 1976 in Marseille) is a Macquarie Research Fellow in Geochemistry at Macquarie University in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. He is part of the Uranium-series research group at the GEMOC National Centre

He did his PhD in Geochemistry at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in the Laboratoire de Geochimie et Cosmochimie directed by Claude Allègre. His research interests are:

  • The effects of tectonics, climate variability and human activity on soil production, landscape evolution, river systems and sediment transport.
  • Magmatism at convergent margins: continental crust production and recycling of Earth's surface materials

He has recently published a review on the use of uranium-series isotopes in erosion studies (Uranium-series isotopes in river materials: Insights into the timescales of erosion and sediment transport)

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