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Antiseptic Dorogov's Stimulator

Antiseptic Dorogov's Stimulator (АСД, антисептик-стимулятор Дорогова, ASD) - antiseptic drug invented by A. V. Dorogov in 40's in former USSR.

ASD was originally invented by a Russian researcher A. V. Dorogov in 40's and initially kepts secret and allowed only for army and special services use. Attributed strong anti-cancirogenic and anti-virial properties. The production process is described as "thermal processing of animal-origin tissues", the final product is a dark fluid with very strong and specific odour. Available in two fractions - "third", denser, is to be administered on skin, "second" fraction - orally.

Since 90's produced in biochemical factory in Armavir and registered in Russia as official drug for animal-only usage and recommended for skin diseases in pigs and cows.

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