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Apache tears

Apache tears are a kind of nodular obsidian (volcanic black glass). When polished, it is opaque to nearly translucent. The color ranges from red to brown to black.

Apache tears have rounded forms (0.5 to 5 cm). They are often found embedded in a greyish-white perlite matrix.

The name Apache tear stems from a legend regarding the Apache tribe. In retaliation for raiding an Arizona settlement, the U.S. military trailed the offending band of about 75 Apache warriors and launched a surprise attack against them. Nearly 50 died in the first volley of shots, and the rest leapt over a cliff rather than allow themselves to be killed. The Apache tear stones are supposedly the tears that their wives and families shed for them.

American singer songwriter Johnny Cash wrote lyrics entitled Apache Tears for his album Bitter Tears (Ballads Of The American Indian).

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