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Apokjeden AS
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Area servedNorway
Key peopleØyvind Winther (CEO)
Revenue NOK 5,592 million (2006)
Operating incomeNOK 325 million (2006)
Net incomeNOK 221 million (2006)
Employees86 (2007)

Apokjeden is a Norwegian pharmacy wholesaler and retailer owned by Finnish Tamro. It owns the largest pharmacy chain in Norway, Apotek 1. The company started a cooperation with a number of pharmacists who wanted a wholesaler independent of the state owned Norsk Medisinaldepot in 1995, when most pharmacies in the country joined the company. 1997 saw the first attempts to brand the pharmacies, as Plussapotek. The first branded pharmacy as Apotek 1 was launched in 1999 in Manglerud Senter. In 2001 the pharmacy market was deregulated, and Tamro was at first chosen as a wholesaler, before eventually buying the entire company in 2004.

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