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ARC-ECRIS[1][2] is an Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source based on arc-shaped coils unlike the conventional[3] ECRIS which bases on a multipole magnet inside a solenoid magnets (usually hexapole+solenoids). First time the arc-shaped coils were used already in 1960's in fusion physics experiements, for example at LLNL,USA (MFTF, Baseball II[4],...) and later in Japan (GAMMA10,...). In 2006 the JYFL ion source group[5] designed, constructed and tested similar plasma trap to produce highly charged heavy ion beams. The first tests were promising and showed that a stable plasma can be confined in an arc-coil magnetic field structure (see references).


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  • YouTube video of a conventional ECRIS plasma (hexapolar magnetic field)
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