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Asparagusic acid

Asparagusic acid
IUPAC name 1,2-dithiolane-4-carboxylic acid
Other names  ?
CAS number 2224-02-4
Molecular formula C4H6O2S2
Molar mass 150.21 g mol−1
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Asparagusic acid, S2(CH2)2CHCO2H is an organosulfur carboxylic acid present in the vegetable asparagus and may be the metabolic precursor to other odorous thiol compounds. Biosynthetic studies revealed that asparagusic acid is derived from the amino acid valine. This colorless solid has a m.p. of 75.7-76.5 °C. The corresponding dithiol (m.p. 59.5-60.5 °C) is also known; it is called dihydroasparagusic acid or dimercaptoisobutyric acid.


From 40 kg of "asparagus aroma concentrate," Jansen obtained 32 g of a compound he identified as 3,3’-dimercaptoisobutyric acid.

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