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Atlantic Modal Haplotype

In human genetics, the Atlantic Modal Haplotype (AMH) is a Y-chromosome haplotype of Y-STR microsatellite variations, associated with the Haplogroup R1b.

The AMH is the most frequently occurring haplotype amongst human males in Atlantic Europe. It is characterised by the following marker alleles:

  • DYS388 12
  • DYS390 24
  • DYS391 11
  • DYS392 13
  • DYS393 13
  • DYS394 14 (also known as DYS19)

One mutation in either direction, would be AMH 1.15+. The AMH 1.15 set of haplotypes is also referred to as the Atlantic Modal Cluster or AMC. Often 1.15+ would be a haplogroup 1 (H1), but not always.

The AMH is one of the best-characterized of the modal haplotypes of the R1b haplogroup. This haplotype reaches the highest frequencies in the Iberian Peninsula and in the British Isles. In the Iberian Peninsula it reaches 33% in Portugal.

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