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Aurora consurgens

For Angra's album, see Aurora Consurgens (album).

The Aurora consurgens is an illuminated manuscript of the 15th century in the Zurich Zentralbibliothek (MS. Rhenoviensis 172). It contains a medieval alchemical treatise, in the past sometimes attributed to Thomas Aquinas, now to a writer called the "Pseudo-Aquinas". Unusually for a work of this type, the manuscript contains thirty-eight fine miniatures in watercolour.[1]

Other illuminated manuscripts of the Aurora consurgens include:

  • Glasgow University Library MS. Ferguson 6;
  • Leiden, MS. Vossiani Chemici F. 29;
  • Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS. Parisinus Latinus 14006;
  • Prague, Universitni Knihovna, MS. VI. Fd. 26;
  • Prague, Chapitre Métropolitain, MS. 1663. O. LXXIX;
  • Berlin, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz, MS. Germ. qu. 848.


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  • Aquinas, St Thomas. Aurora Consurgens (1966) edited by Marie-Louise von Franz
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