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BKchem v0.11.6 running under Mac OS X 10.4.8
Author Beda Kosata
Developer Beda Kosata
Latest release 0.11.6
Preview release 0.12.0-pre7
Programming language(s) Python, Tcl/Tk
Platform Cross-platform
Genre Scientific
License GPL

BKchem is a free 2D molecule editor written in Python by Beda Kosata. As such, it is largely platform-independent.

Major features



  • Bond by bond drawing
  • Straight and curved arrows
  • Radicals, lone pairs and charges
  • Templates for drawing common structure (users can create their own)
  • Simple vector graphics


  • Unlimited undo/redo capabilities
  • Aligning, scaling and rotation (2D and 3D)

Exports to:

  • SVG
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • PDF
  • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)
  • Molfile
  • PNG (with pycairo installed)
  • SMILES (Stereochemistry is not supported)
  • InChI (with InChI program)


  • Molfile
  • SMILES (Stereochemistry is not supported)
  • InChI (Stereochemistry is not supported)

Other features:

  • Searching BKchem files for a molecule or a fragment of a molecule
  • Localization support (currently English, French, Czech and Polish translations are available)
  • Support for user written plugins
  • Validity checking
  • Can be run from source with Python
  • BKchem official website

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