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Banting Lectures

The Banting Lectures is a yearly series of research presentations given by an expert in diabetes. The name of the lecture series refers to Frederick Banting, who was a seminal scientist, doctor and Nobel laureate for the co-discovery of insulin. The lectures are currently hosted by the American Diabetes Association.

List of past Banting lectures

  • 2006a: Cure, Optimal Care and Total Commitment: What if they happened tomorrow? Rizza, Robert [1]
  • 2006b: Harmony and Discord in the Orchestration of Glucose Metabolism. Bergman, Richard [2]
  • 2005: Critical conversations: fat, brain, and the regulation of energy balance. Flier JS
  • 2004. The pathobiology of diabetic complications. A unifying mechanism. Brownlee M, PMID 15919781
  • 2003. Autoimmune diabetes and the circle of tolerance. Rossini AA, [3]


  • 2001: Dysregulation of fatty acid metabolism in the etiology of type 2 diabetes. McGarry JD, [4]


  • 1997: Control of glucose uptake and release by the liver in vivo. Cherrington AD, PMID 10331429


  • 1995: A lesson in metabolic regulation inspired by the glucokinase glucose sensor paradigm.

Matschinsky FM, PMID 8549869

  • 1994?: Hypoglycemia: the limiting factor in the management of IDDM. Cryer PE, [5]


  • 1989: Structure and function of insulin receptors, Rosen OM, [6]
  • 1988: Role of insulin resistance in human disease. Reaven GM, PMID 9058458


  • 1981: Macro- and micro-domains in the endocrine pancreas, Orci L [7]


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