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Benedict-Webb-Rubin equation

The Benedict-Webb-Rubin equation (BWR) is an equation of state used in fluid dynamics.

The original BWR

P=\rho RT + \left(B_0 RT-A_0 - \frac{C_0}{T^2} \right) \rho^2 + \left(bRT-a\right) \rho^3 + \alpha  a  \rho^6 + \frac{c\rho^3}{T^2}\left(1 + \gamma\rho^2\right)\exp\left(-\gamma\rho^2\right)

The BWRS Equation of State

A modification of the Benedict-Webb-Rubin equation of state by Professor Kenneth E. Starling of the University of Oklahoma.

P=\rho RT + \left(B_0 RT-A_0 - \frac{C_0}{T^2} + \frac{D_0}{T^3} - \frac{E_0}{T^4}\right) \rho^2 + \left(bRT-a-\frac{d}{T}\right) \rho^3 + \alpha\left(a+\frac{d}{T}\right) \rho^6 + \frac{c\rho^3}{T^2}\left(1 + \gamma\rho^2\right)\exp\left(-\gamma\rho^2\right)
ρ = the molar density

Values of the various parameters for 15 substances can be found in:

K.E. Starling, Fluid Properties for Light Petroleum Systems. Gulf Publishing Company (1973).


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