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Systematic (IUPAC) name
PubChem         7222
Chemical data
Formula C7H5NS 
Molar mass 139.19
Complete data

Benzothiazole is a colorless, slightly viscous liquid with a melting point of 2 °C, and a boiling point of 227-228 °C. The density of benzothiazole is 1.238 g/ml (25 °C). It is a heterocyclic organic compound. Benzothiazole has no household use. It is used in industry and research.


Being a heterocyclic compound, benzothiazole finds use in research as a starting material for the synthesis of larger, usually bioactive structures. Its aromaticity makes it relatively stable, although as a heterocycle, it has reactive sites which allow for functionalization.

Many dyes, such as thioflavin, and pharmaceutical drugs, such as riluzole, have benzothiazoles as a structural motif.

See also

  • Benzothiazoles are related to thiazoles, which lack the fused benzene ring.
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