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Brahm Prakash Memorial Materials Quiz

This programme was initiated in 1990 to create an awareness among the students about the importance of metallurgy and materials science in industrial and technological development , to broaden their knowledge in these fields, and to encourage them to choose these interesting and application oriented subjects as their future course of study and career. In 1993, this became a national event, and subsequently in 1993 it was named after Prof. Brahm Prakash, an eminent metallurgist of our country.


The Contest(s)

Although the metallurgy and material science quiz is the most important event but it is not the only thing.

Essay cum Elocution Contest

This competition is open only to registered student participants of the quiz programme and is optional. Those students participating in the quiz and those who are interested in submitting an Essay (not longer than 3000 words) on one of the topics given, are encouraged to submit the same by email/post to the Convener at Normally the deadline is two weeks before the quiz. The Best few will be selected by a panel. The names will be announced a week before by email (names will also be displayed on website). The selected students will be given an opportunity on the day of the contest to make a presentation based on their write up for about 10 minutes. The students will not be allowed to carry a prepared speech or make use of computer for their presentation. A panel of judges may also pose a few questions at the end of their talk. The winner of this Competition will be given attractive prizes.

The topics are based on new avenues in material science.

Technical Visits

An optional visit to Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research and other DAE facilities at Kalpakkam is arranged one day before the quiz . Those of the participants and escorts, interested in joining these visits must plan to reach Kalpakkam, not later than 8:30 AM one day before the quiz(at least by 5:00 AM at Chennai Station, from where transport will be arranged to kalpakkam).

Cultural Programme

On the night of the quizzing day a dinner-cum-fun games programme will be arranged after the final quiz. We will be happy if your students/escorts can come prepared to demonstrate their talents in singing, telling jokes, mimicry or organizing games!! And to make the evening a memorable one. You may also write to the convener in advance, so that they can make suitable arrangements for the programme.

Syllabus (an overview)

1) History and evolution of materials; Origin of names of minerals and metals; Use of metals in the early ages; Extractive metallurgy; Ores, extraction processes; Location of industries and availability of metals; Applications of common alloys; Iron and steel making; Types of steels and cast irons and their applications.

2) Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding; semiconductors, insulators; Crystalline materials; Metals, Crystal defects; Physical properties; Electronic, Optical, thermal and magnetic properties; Characterization of materials:X-ray, electron microscopy, etc.

3) Mechanical properties: elasticity, plasticity and fracture; Tensile, creep, impact and hardness tests; Processing of metals: cold and hot working, casting, powder metallurgy, metal joining.

4) Corrosion: Electrodeposition, batteries, oxidation of metals, corrosion protection methods.

5) Non-destructive testing: Radiography, ultrasonic, electrical and magnetic methods, laser methods.

6) Advanced materials: Amorphous materials, ceramics, polymers, composites, biomaterials, materials in energy production and transport, nuclear materials, electronic materials. Novel and exotic materials. Materials in news.

The Winners Prize

The winners of the quiz will receive the " O.P.JINDAL AWARD" carrying a prize money of Rs 25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand) Sponsored by "M/s Jindal Steel Co." at Kalpakkam in the prize-giving ceremony just after the quiz. The Winners & Runners-up team will be invited to the National Metallurgists Day Celebrations, to be held at the decided venue in one of the IIMs(Indian Institute of Metals). Cash Prize and certificates for the Winners & Runners-up team, will be given away by the Chief Guest on 14th November on the occasion of National Metallurgists Day.This total Prize money of 500 US$ & Attractive Certificates is sponsored by:

"The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society" (IOMMMS)


Year Participation Winner Runners-up Quizmaster Prof. Brahm Prakash Memorial Lecture Convener
1990 Kendriya Vidyalayas of Kalpakkam S. Rodriguez, R. Ravi & Sriprada A. Lee, M. Anupama & B. Srinivas Dr. Placid Rodriguez & Dr. Baldev Raj --------------- Mr. U. Kamachi Mudali
1991 20 teams from Madras & Chengalpattu District DAV Higher Secondary School, Madras Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Madras Dr. Placid Rodriguez & Dr. Baldev Raj -------------- Mr. U. Kamachi Mudali
1992 33 teams from 20 IIM Chapters IIM Varanasi Chapter Team IIM Trivandrum Chapter Team Dr. Placid Rodriguez -------------- Mr. U. Kamachi Mudali
1993 22 teams from all over India IIM Bangalore Team Kendriya Vidyallaya-I, IIM Kalpakkam Dr. Placid Rodriguez & Dr. Baldev Raj Prof. S. Ranganathan, IISc, Bangalore(“The Art and Science of Metals”) Mr. M.T. Shyamsunder
1994 24 Teams from 16 IIM Chapters Hindu Senior Secondary School, IIM Madras Deepika English Medium School, Iim Roorkee Dr. Baldev Raj & Dr. S. Venkadesan Prof. C.V. Sundaram, NIAS, Bangalore(Light Elements, Light Metals and Light Materials”) Mr. M.T. Shyamsunder
1995 30 Teams from different IIM Chapters IIM Bombay Chapter IIM Kalpakkam Chapter Prof. R. Vasudevan, IIT Madras Dr. P.K. Iyengar, Member,AEC (“Scientific Insights to Enable Innovations in Materials Science and Technology") Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali
1996 30 teams from different IIM Chapters National English School, IIM Bangalore Kendriya Vidyalaya-I, IIM Kalpakkam Dr. P. Rodriguez & Dr. S. Venkadesan Dr. R. Chidambaram, Chairman, AEC Dr. C.S. Sundar
1997 24 teams from different IIM Chapters IIM, Calcutta Chapter IIM Kalpakkam Chapter Dr. V.S. Raghunathan & Dr. S. Venkadesan Dr. C.G.K. Nair, Chairman, HAL Mr. P. Shankar
1998 30 teams from different IIM Chapters IIM, Calcutta Chapter IIM, Kalpakkam Chapter Dr. C. S. Sundar & Dr. T.P.S. Gill Prof. D. H. Sastry, IISc, Bangalore Dr. P.V. Sivaprasad , Dr. G. Amarendra
1999 24 teams from different IIM Chapters IIM, Trivandrum Chapter IIM, Bhubaneswar Chapter Dr. S. Venkadesan and C. S. Sundar Prof. A. K. Sood, IISc, Bangalore Shri Hasan Sheikh , Dr. P.V. Sivaprasad
2000 30 teams from different IIM Chapters IIM, Kalpakkam Chapter Team B IIM, Kalpakkam Chapter Team A Dr. P. Rodriguez Prof. P. Ramachanra Rao, NML, Jamshedpur Dr. Alok Singh , Dr. BPC Rao
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