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California Fuel Cell Partnership

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a public-private partnership to promote hydrogen vehicles (including cars and buses) in California. It is notable as one of the first initiatives for that purpose undertaken in the United States.


It was formed in 1999 under the impetus of the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission and, six private companies. In 2000, they opened their headquarters in West Sacramento, California. As of 2005, there were 21 full member organizations and 11 associate members.

Member organizations have been instrumental in the opening of 16 hydrogen fueling stations (with 15 more planned) and putting 95 vehicles on the road in the state [1].



The original membership has grown since the foundation of the partnership. ARCO (acquired by BP) and Texaco (merged with Chevron), both original members, are no longer counted as members, as they are not independent companies.

Full members

Automobile makers

  • DaimlerChrysler  
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Ballard Power Systems
  • UTC Fuel Cells

Oil Companies

Government Agencies

  • California Air Resources Board
  • California Energy Commission
  • United States Department of Energy
  • United States Department of Transportation
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Automotive Center (of the Dept. of Defense/Army)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District

Associate Members

Associate members assist the full members meet the partnership's objectives by helping in specific areas of expertise.

Mass Transit Agencies

  • Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
  • SunLine Transit
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (Santa Clara VTA).

Hydrogen Gas Suppliers

  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Praxair

Hydrogen Fueling Stations

  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Proton Energy Systems, Inc.,
  • Stuart Energy
  • ZTEK Corporation


  • ISE Corporation
  • Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis

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