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Calmurid is the name of a cream that is manufactured by Galderma. Calmurid Cream contains the active ingredients lactic acid and urea, whereas Calmurid HC contains an additional ingredient, the mild corticosteroid hydrocortisone.

Due to lactic acid's keratolytic properties (to break down hard skin cells) and urea's hydrating properties, Calmurid is used primarily in the treatment of dry, scaly skin. Ichthyosis and general dermatitis in the absence of inflammation are some of its indications.

When the extra steroid component is added (as in Calmurid HC), it is used to treat dry, scaly skin that is accompanied by inflammation of the skin. This may include various forms of eczema. The presence of a corticosteroid, however, means that the cream should be used only sparingly and only for the shortest time period due to possible side effects that may occur due to systemic absorption of the steroid.

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