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Candela per square metre

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The candela per square metre (cd/m²) is the SI unit of luminance; nit is a non-SI name also used for this unit. It is often used to quote the brightness of computer displays, which typically have luminances of 50 to 300 nits (the sRGB spec for monitors targets 80 nits). Modern flat-panel (LCD and plasma) displays often exceed 300 cd/m² or 300 nits.

The term is believed to come from the Latin "nitere" = to shine.


  • IEC 61966-2-1:1999 is the official specification of sRGB.

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SI photometry units
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Quantity Symbol SI unit Abbr. Notes
Luminous energy Qv lumen second lm·s units are sometimes called talbots
Luminous flux F lumen (= cd·sr) lm also called luminous power
Luminous intensity Iv candela (= lm/sr) cd an SI base unit
Luminance Lv candela per square metre cd/m2 units are sometimes called nits
Illuminance Ev lux (= lm/m2) lx Used for light incident on a surface
Luminous emittance Mv lux (= lm/m2) lx Used for light emitted from a surface
Luminous efficacy   lumen per watt lm/W ratio of luminous flux to radiant flux; maximum possible is 683.002 lm/W
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