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Cif is a brand of cleaning products by Unilever, known as Jif in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Argentina.

The product was formally known as Jif in Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Hong Kong until 2001 when the name was changed to Cif in order to harmonise marketing and product inventories across the continent.

The name Cif was chosen for most European markets over the name Jif partly because it was perceived as a better name across the range of European languages, and also it was thought that people living across Europe could not properly pronounce the word "Jif" and partly because of the potential for confusion, in Britain, with the unrelated Jif lemon & Lime juice, also produced by Unilever in the UK.

In Sweden and Great Britain however it was called for sometime Vim and then changed to Jif. In Belgium and Portugal, the product was known as Vim for quite some time, after which it became Cif. In Canada and India, it is still called Vim. In Germany, the cleaner´s name is Viss.


  • CIF Bathroom mousse
  • CIF Stainless steel cleaner
  • CIF Bathroom cleaner
  • CIF Kitchen cleaner
  • CIF Power Cream

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