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Corvalol is a barbiturate-based heart medication and a mild tranquilizer, popular in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is a transparent liquid with a characteristic strong aroma.

A single dose of Corvalol ( 1 ml ) contains:

as well as inactive ingredients:

Corvalol is nearly identical in both composition and effects to Valocordin, main difference being that Corvalolis manufactured in Eastern Europe, whereas Valocordin is manufactured in Germany. The word "Valocordin" itself is a registered trademark of the German pharmaceutical company Krewel Meuselbach GmbH.

In Eastern Europe, Corvalol is believed to be safe enough to use in recommended doses without prescription. However, both primary ingredients of Corvalol may be considered controlled substances in other countries. For example, it is illegal to import this drug into United States ( see Health Hazard with Unapproved Imported Drug from Russia ).

Corvalol produced by

Farmak JSC 63 Frunze Str Kyiev, UKR

The ingredients on the side are as follows: Ethyl ester of a-isovaleric acid 20 g/L Methyl Valerate, 55 g/L Peppermint oil, 1.42 g/L Hop oil 0.2 g/L sodium acetate 5.98 g/l acetic acid, 3 mL/L ethyl alcohol 713.5 mL/L water up to 1 L

Slightly different than the above recipe.

Phenobarbutal is not listed there, but is present. So, it is illegal for travelers to bring a flask or two when they go to Europe.

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