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Cut (gems)

When a gemstone is desired to be used in jewelry, it is cut depending on the size and shape of the rough, as well as the desired piece of jewelry to be made. As a rule of thumb, a cut gemstone will reduce the mass (described in the carat) by about 50 percent.

Typical cuts include:

  • baguette
  • brilliant
  • briolette
  • cabochon
  • emerald
  • heart brilliant
  • kite
  • marquise
  • oval brilliant
  • pear brilliant
  • princess
  • radiant
  • round
  • square emerald
  • trapezoid
  • trilliant or trillion

There are several techniques available to work with gemstones. Specifically, sawing, grinding, sanding, lapping, polishing, grilling, and tumbling.

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