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Darlex, sometimes sold under the trade name Darlexx, is made from two layers of Spandex fused together with a thin layer of rubber in between.

An omni-directional warp knit fabric laminated to a monolithic film. It is a sports performance fabric used in gloves, boots, wet suits, ski apparel, clean rooms, and in medical applications. It was designed to keep a person warm when the environment is cold and cool when the environment is hot. Darlex is breathable, windproof, and waterproof.[1]

Darlex is thicker, more constricting and opaque than Spandex which lead to its use in a range of fetish and bondage garments, such as hobble skirts, straitjackets, and hoods. With hoods, breathing holes are advisable due to the impermeable nature of Darlex.


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