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Delta G Scientific Company

Delta G Scientific Company was originally a front company established April 1982 in Weldegraan by the South African Defence Force to research, and produce chemical weapons within a covert operation known as Project Coast.[1]

Additional recommended knowledge

Medchem Consolidated Investments - was registered in the Cayman Islands by a David Webster on behalf of Wouter Basson,[2] who held 75% of Delta G shares.[3]

Delta G was acquired in 1993 by Dow Sentrachem.[4]

Other SADF front organizations

  • Badger Arms
  • Biocon (South Africa)
  • Civil Cooperation Bureau
  • Electronic Magnetic Logistical Component
  • Geo International Trading
  • Infladel
  • Jeugkrag
  • Lema
  • Military Technical Services
  • Protechnik
  • Roodeplaat Research Laboratories
  • Veterans for Victory
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