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Dictionary of chemical formulas/Merge/S


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
SCTe carbon sulfide telluride 10340-06-4
SSb antimony monosulfide 12067-17-3
SSe selenium monosulfide 7446-34-6
SSi silicon monosulfide 12504-41-5
SSn tin monosulfide 1314-95-0
SSr strontium sulfide 1314-96-1
STi titanium monosulfide 12039-07-5
SU uranium monosulfide 12039-11-1
SV vanadium monosulfide 12166-27-7
SY yttrium monosulfide 12210-79-6
S2Sb2 diantimony disulfide 61142-81-2
S2Sb3 triantimony disulfide 107373-21-7
S2Si silicon sulfide 13759-10-9
S2Sn2 ditin disulfide 51682-76-9
S3Sb2 diantimony trisulfide 1345-04-6
S3Sb4 tetraantimony trisulfide 61349-44-8
S4Sb2 diantimony tetrasulfide 12359-48-7
S4Sb3 triantimony tetrasulfide 61349-45-9
S5Sb4 tetraantimony pentasulfide 61349-47-1
S7Se heptasulfur selenide 17587-38-1
SbSe antimony monoselenide 58428-34-5
Sb2Se2 diantimony diselenide 12294-12-1
Sb2Se3 diantimony triselenide 1315-05-5
Sb2Se4 diantimony tetraselenide 103938-07-4
Sb3Se triantimony monoselenide 37367-15-0
Sb3Se2 triantimony diselenide 37367-16-1
Sb4Se3 tetraantimony triselenide 37367-17-2
Sb4Se4 tetraantimony tetraselenide 37367-18-3
ScSe scandium monoselenide 12039-46-2
SeO selenium oxide 12640-89-0
SeSn tin monoselenide 1315-06-6
SeTe selenium monotelluride 12067-42-4
Se2Sn2 ditin diselenide 51682-77-0
SiTe silicon monotelluride 12067-53-7
Si3N4 silicon nitride 12033-89-5
SnTe tin monotelluride 12040-02-7
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