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Flex-power is a topical analgesic cream with a clean scent used to relieve muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, backaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, tendinitis, strains, sprains, and bruises. Initially created for professional athletes to enhance performance, it is now commonly used as a daily topical pain relief cream. The cream is intended to be a pre-activity cream that loosens muscles and joints, and a post activity cream that alleviates body aches. Flex-power differs from other products for its non-offensive medicinal smell, gradual heating sensation and its use of nanotechnology.



Flex-power was founded in 2001 by Bejan Esmaili and Rasheen Smith who received guidance from PowerBar founder, Brian Maxwell. Esmaili and Smith were athletes who disliked the offensive smell of existing sports-related pain relief products. They hired scientists who developed the Flexpower formula within a year.[1]

The company indicates the use of a liposome nanotechnology in Flex-power to embed the active ingredients in tiny particles for delivery through the skin.[2]

Active ingredients

  • trolamine salicylate (10%)

Inactive ingredients

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