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Franz Xaver Kugler

There was also a Franz Xaver Kugler from Munich who invented a beer shandy drink called Radler. For other people named Franz Kugler, see Franz Kugler.

Franz Xaver Kugler (born 1862 in Königsbach, Germany–died 1929 in Lucerne, Switzerland) was a chemist, mathematician, Assyriologist, and Jesuit priest.

He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1885, and the following year he entered the society of Jesuits. By 1893 he had been ordained as a priest. Four years later at the age of 35, he became a professor of Mathematics at Ignatius-College in Valkenburg, the Netherlands.

He is most noted for his studies of cuneiform tablets and Babylonian astronomy. He worked out the Babylonian theories on the Moon and planets, which were published in 1907. However his full work on Babylonian astronomy was never completed, with only three volumes out of a planned five published.


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  • Kugler crater on the Moon is named for him.

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