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GMP phosphodiesterase, delta subunit

Membrane-bound ADP ribosylation factor-like protein 2 (ARL2 mouse, red), complex with phosphodiesterase delta (yellow) (1ksg) Blue dots show hydrocarbon boundary of the lipid bilayer
GMP-PDE, delta subunit
Symbol GMP_PDE_delta
Pfam PF05351
InterPro IPR008015
SCOP 1ksj
OPM protein 1ksg
Available PDB structures:

1kshB:7-150 1ksgB:7-150 1ksjB:7-150

GMP-PDE delta subunit was originally identified as a fourth subunit of rod cell-specific cGMP phosphodiesterase (PDE) (EC The precise function of PDE delta subunit in the rod specific GMP-PDE complex is unclear. In addition, PDE delta subunit is not confined to photoreceptor cells but is widely distributed in different tissues. PDE delta subunit is thought to be a specific soluble transport factor for certain prenylated proteins and Arl2-GTP a regulator of PDE-mediated transport[1].

Human proteins containing this domain

PDE6D; UNC119;


  1. ^ Wittinghofer A, Renault L, Hanzal-bayer M, Roversi P, Hillig RC (2002). "The complex of Arl2-GTP and PDE delta: from structure to function". EMBO J. 21 (9): 2095-2106. PMID 11980706.

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