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IUPAC name 2E,6E,9E-3,7-dimethyl-8,11-dioxododec-2,6,9-trienal
CAS number 36518-11-3
SMILES [H]C(=O)\C=C(/C)CC\C=C(/C)C(=O)\C=C\C(C)=O
Molecular formula C14H18O3
Molar mass 234.29 g mol-1
Melting point


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Gyrinal is an organic chemical compound  - an unsaturated ketoaldehyde - with the formula C14H18O3, obtained from the whirligig beetle (the water boatman, Gyrinus natator). It is a powerful antiseptic and fish and mammal toxin, and thus used as a defensive compound. Typically the beetles contain approx. 80 microgram of the compound. The LD50 of the compound is approx. 45 mg/kg in mice.


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