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I. M. Dharmadasa

I.M. Dharmadasa is a Professor in Applied Physics and leads the Electronic Materials and Solar energy (solar cells and other Semiconductor Devices) Group at Sheffield Hallam University(SHU), UK. He is a popular and distinguished scientist in the area of renewable energy, who has, to date, published over 60 refereed papers, given 72 conference presentations including invited and plenary talks. His research has resulted in several international patents [1] on thin film solar cell devices.

As recognition of his expertise in this area, he was invited to write a review article on electrical contacts to II-VI semiconductors [2].His recent scientific breakthroughs [1-2], which are fundamental to describe the photovoltaic activity of CdTe/CdS solar cells, were summarised in a "new theoretical model for CdTe”. Based on these novel ideas, he has reported a higher efficiency of 18% for the CdTe/CdS cell [3], compared with 16.5% reported by NREL in the United States. Currently he also focusses on low-cost methods to developThin film solar cells based on electrodeposited CIGS materials,where he has reported efficiency of 15.9% to date, compared with the highest value of 19.5% reported by NREL [4]using more expensive techniques.

In addition to his research and development programme, Dharmadasa is heavily involved in promoting the use of renewable energy in society through The South Asia renewable Energy programme where he was a founder member[5-7].


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