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Integrated Biodiesel Industries, Ltd.

Integrated Biodiesel Industries, Ltd. ("IBI" or "The Company"), is a principal, first step manufacturer in the rapidly expanding Brazilian Biodiesel Market. With it’s corporate headquarters in São Paulo, the Company’s production and manufacturing is located in the states of São Paulo (in engineering stage), Parana, Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais. Through technological expertise, strong business ties and knowledge of the Brazilian and world energy markets, IBI is sprinting to a leading position in Brazil's alternative fuel market.

IBI’s directors, officers and key personnel will be the preeminent contributors in the company’s success. Leveraging their strong ties with existing Brazilian energy companies, the Brazilian banking community and the Brazilian government, they have ensured the company's growth. Through partnerships with various Brazilian, European and multi-national companies, IBI will rapidly expanded their presence in the biofuel marketplace not only in Brazil but also throughout the Americas and into Europe.

The plan for IBI's 5 facilities is to produce 27 million liters of biodiesel per year each, doubling that capacity in a second stage. Both domestic and international markets will be served through off-take agreements with major fuel distributors. Brazilian renewable fuel laws mandate a 2% addition of biodiesel to regular diesel, increasing that amount to 5% in 2010 in a market which consumes 160 billion liters annually. The next three years will see IBI process almost 1 million tons of soybean grain. The principal by-product of production is reconstituted as soybean meal used as animal feed, which is in high demand and whose price fluctuates with the soy market, helping to off-set any fluctuations IBI may experience in soy pricing.

IBI has developed its presence in Brazil's biodiesel market by realigning the paradigm of the business. Its business model makes full use of the feedstock's value chain, increasing the revenue stream. Using in-house processing, IBI controls the product flow from the raw soy beans, creating not only high-grade biodiesel but several other profitable products that are in high demand in Brazil's burgeoning economy.

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