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International Conference on Microreaction Technology

The International Conference on Microreaction Technology (IMRET) is a scientific conference series in the field of micro process engineering and the science of microreactors.

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  • IMRET 1, Frankfurt/Hesse/Germany, February 1997
  • IMRET 2, New Orleans/Louisiana/USA, March 1998
  • IMRET 3, Frankfurt/Hesse/Germany, April 1999
  • IMRET 4, Atlanta/Georgia/USA, March 2000
  • IMRET V, Strasbourg/France, May 2001
  • IMRET 6, New Orleans/Louisiana/USA, March 2002
  • IMRET 7, Lausanne/Switzerland, September 2003
  • IMRET 8, Atlanta/Georgia/USA, April 2005
  • IMRET 9, Potsdam/Brandenburg/Germany, September 2006

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