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  Isothiazolinones are heterocyclic compounds that are used as biocides. Five derivatives are used in significant amounts:

The derivative butylbenzisothiazolinone (BBIT) also exists, but does not have the same importance.


Isothiazolinones are antimicrobials used to control bacteria, fungi, and algae in cooling water systems, fuel storage tanks, pulp and paper mill water systems, oil extraction systems, wood preservation and antifouling agents. They are frequently used in personal care products such as shampoos and other hair care products, as well as certain paint formulations. There, often combinations of MIT and CMIT (known as Kathon CG) or MIT and BIT are used.

Biological implications

Together with their wanted function, controlling or killing microorganisms, isothiazolinones also have undesirable effects: They have a high aquatic toxicity and some derivatives (namly CMIT) can cause hypersensitivity by direct contact or via the air.

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