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Jordan Phosphate Mines

Jordan Phospate Mines
Public company
Headquarters Amman
IndustryMining, manufacturing
ProductsPhosphates, fertilizer, chemicals
Revenue2005 gross profit = JD65 million

Jordan Phosphate Mines is a mining company based in Jordan. It was founded in 1949 and its main offices are located in Amman. The company operates 3 mining facilities in Jordan and a chemical manufacturing complex in Aqaba. The company's name is abbreviated to JPMC and its stock is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange's ASE Weighted Index.




According to the company's website, more than 60% of the area of Jordan has phosphate deposits at minable depth, and JPMC is currently the only company mining phosphates in Jordan. JPMC's three mining facilities are located in:

  • Al-Ruseifa, 15 kilometers north of Amman, commencing in 1935
  • Al-Hassa and Al-Abiad, 135 kilometers south of Amman, commencing in 1962 and 1979
  • Eshidiya, 125 kilometers northeast of Aqaba, commencing in 1989

1986 acquisition

In 1986, Jordan Phosphate Mines bought out the Jordan Fertilizer Company, in which it had a 25% share of stock; the Jordanian government had owned 50% of the company. Jordan Fertilizer at the time was operating a chemical and fertilizer manufacturing complex in Aqaba, which was taken over by JPMC.


JPMC's Aqaba complex produces fertilizer and chemicsls, including:

Affiliations and partnerships

JPMC's corporate partnerships include:

  • A 2007 memorandum of understanding signed with IFFCO - Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative, "the largest fertilizer manufacturer in India"
  • Indo-Jordan Chemicals, held by JPMC, Southern Petrochemical Industries of India and The Arab Investment Company of Saudi Arabia
  • Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Company - a joint venture held by JPMC, the Arab Potash Company, and a Japanese consortium, comprised of ZEN-NOH, Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical and Asahi Kasei.
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