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Koppers, Inc.
Public (NYSE: KOP)
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Key peopleWalter W. Turner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steven R. Lacy Senior Vice President, Administration, General Counsel and Secretary,
Brian H. McCurrie, Chief Financial Officer
Kevin J. Fitzgerald, Vice President and General Manager, Carbon Materials and Chemicals
Thomas D. Loadman, Vice President and General Manager, Railroad Products and Services.
M. Claire Schaming ,Treasurer and Assistant Secretary,
Robert Cizik Chairman of the Board of Directors
wood processing
Coal tar
Utility poles
carbon black
phthalic anhydride
Revenue$1.16 billion USD

Koppers is a global chemical and materials company based in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in an art-deco 1920's skyscraper, the Koppers Tower. The corporation is divided into two divisions: Carbon and Chemicals, and Railroad and Utility. The company specialises in manufacturing carbon chemicals from coal tar. The five main chemicals that are produced are coal pitch for steel and aluminum production, carbon black for rubber vulcanization, creosote for wood treatment, and naphthalene and phthalic anhydride for plastics and polyester. Kopper's coal tar pitches are essential to manufacturing carbon anodes for aluminum smelting. Koppers also has extensive operations making creosote treated wood products, especially railroad ties and swtiches. Utility poles, foundations, decking materials, and wooden panneling are also produced by the company. Through its subisdy, Arch Wood Protection, the corporation also develops chemicals that protect wood from being weathered.

Koppers operates facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, China, South Africa. Koppers sources coal tar from around the world for further processing by distillation into carbon chemicals. The Company owns its own coke oven battery in Monessen, Pennsylvania. The Monessen facility operates 57 ovens with a combined annual capacity of over 360,000 tons of coke. The company further operates coke ovens in Tangshan, People's Republic of China, and has colocated facilities near the operations of major steel makers.

The stock of Koppers Holdings Inc. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "KOP". The Board of Directors intends to pay an annual dividend of $0.68 a share to shareholders.

Koppers Haiku

The official Koppers corporate brochure contains several haiku describing the company.

Economic strength
Of essential industries
For a growing world
Cords of treated wood
Take rails to the horizon
Poles to the clouds
Coal tar and carbon
Feed the mouth of industry
Tame a hungry world
Test tubes and hot flames
Many trials bring results
Where new ideas grow
Europe to Asia
And to North America
Koppers spans the globe

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