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List of alloys

This is a list of alloys for which an article exists in Wikipedia (or is proposed but not yet written).

They are grouped by base metal, in order of increasing atomic number. Within these headings they are in no particular order. Some of the main alloying elements are optionally listed after the alloy names.


Alloys of aluminium

Main article: Aluminium alloys
  • Al-Li (lithium)
  • Duralumin (copper)
  • Nambe (aluminium plus seven other undisclosed metals)
  • Silumin (silicon)
  • AA-8000: used for building wire in the U.S. per the National Electrical Code
  • Magnalium (5% magnesium)/used in airplane bodies, ladders,etc.
  • Aluminium also forms complex metallic alloys, like β-Al-Mg, ξ'-Al-Pd-Mn, T-Al3Mn
  • Alnico - alloy of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt used in magnets

Alloys of bismuth

Alloys of cobalt

Alloys of copper

Main article: Copper alloys

Alloys of gallium

  • Galinstan

Alloys of gold

Alloys of indium

Alloys of iron

See also: Category:Ferrous alloys

Alloys of lead

Alloys of magnesium

Alloys of mercury

Alloys of nickel

Alloys of potassium

Rare earth alloys

Alloys of silver

Alloys of tin

Alloys of uranium

Alloys of zinc

Alloys of zirconium

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