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List of fictional medicines and drugs

This is a list of fictional medicines and drugs from works of fiction (usually fantasy or science fiction). Some of the items listed as medicines or drugs, may be used as both or in other capacities, but fictional works are often vague on such distinctions. Grouping is done by what seems most likely.


Fictional medicines

These drugs and vaccines are meant primarily for medicinal and analgesic use, though they can possibly be abused.

Name Source Uses & effects
Adravil Resident Evil series An Ibuprofen-based pain reliever created by the Umbrella Corporation. May be similar in make-up to the real-world Advil.
Ambrosia Deus Ex Ambrosisa is a temporary "cure" for the Gray Death, a fatal artificially-induced autoimmune disease. Both the cure and disease are man-made, created using nanotechnology.
Antibiotic Gel (aka. Heal Jelly) Trauma Center Green gel used for healing small cuts. Raises vitals when used on patient. Temporarily stops blood loss from larger lacerations.
Aqua Cure Resident Evil series Umbrella's crowning public achievement, Aqua Cure is an ointment used on open wounds that made the company famous worldwide. It is considered to be Umbrella's primary public product and is very effective. Most likely the recurring item First Aid Spray that appears throughout the series.
Aquasol Xenogears Curative drug, also available in stronger formulations called Aquasol S, Aquasol DX, and Alphasol.
Athelas / Kingsfoil / Asëa Aranion J. R. R. Tolkien 's, The Lord of the Rings Especially effective against attacks from Mordorian weapons. When administered by a king, the healing properties are enhanced.
Bacta Star Wars A liquid which mimics the body's fluids and helps in regeneration. It is used to help with cuts and burns as well as severe cellular damage, such as frostbite. The subject is suspended in a full-immersion tank for treatment of large scale injuries, or via a patch or lotion for minor injuries.
Bellerophon Mission: Impossible II A vaccine engineered by the pharmaceutical corporation BioCyte to combat a virus called Chimera, which they had also created (in order to market the vaccine). The vaccine is only effective within twenty hours of exposure.
Bittamucin Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining) A vaccine used to fight the disease known as Mellorak.
Bloodhype Humanx Commonwealth A drug produced from a type of plant called Hyperion. Causes instaneous addiction, followed by lethal withdrawal symptoms.
Byphodine Firefly A drug which can induce a state of reduced metabolic function. Unexamined, a person under the effects of byphodine is easily mistaken for a cadaver. Mentioned in episodes Ariel and The Message.
Cardamine Freelancer (computer game) In the 2003 PC game, Freelancer, Cardamine is a drug that is illegal throughout the entire universe. It is extremely addictive to the point that once exposed to the substance, it is required for one to ingest it regularly to prevent themselves from dying. It originates from the home planet of the Outcasts' (a pirate faction), Malta, which itself is abundant with the orange Cardamine grass. As the Outcasts are constantly exposed to the grass planet-side, they do not need to ingest the refined product whilst there, but if they venture off-planet they are required to constantly be under the influence of the drug to avoid certain death. Exposure of Cardamine (refined or not) to a civilization will cause a significant drop in birthrates, however, this is countered with the average life time for a human to be significantly high (in excess of 110 years).
Chamalla extract Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining) The extract of Chamalla is used as alternative medicine for a range of treatments, including cancer. A side effect from using Chamalla appears to be that the user suffers from hallucinations or prescient visions.
Charlanta The Soup Medicine to get rid of the bad taste of the recent adaptation of Æon Flux starring Charlize Theron. Joel McHale said that he had a bad case of Æon Re-Flux.
Chiquitolina, pastillas de El Chapulín Colorado Pills to reduce height, to invade spaces or surprise bad guys.
Cloveritol Scrubs A drug that Dr Kelso encourages the use of instead of standard macrolides in My Moment of Un-Truth. Dr Cox points out that the company behind the drug has bribed Kelso into using it at Sacred Heart without research by sending him on free golf trips. Cloveritol's slogan is "when life's not fair at all, use Colveritol."
Cordrazine Every Star Trek series Powerful stimulant used to revive patients in an emergency, such as cardiac arrest. 25 ml is usually a lethal dose to humanoids, causing hallucinations, madness and death.
Cryostim StarCraft A medication for Hibernation Sickness.
Daylight Resident Evil Outbreak A serum designed to eliminate the T-Virus and (presumably) its variants from living organisms. The compound is composed of a sample of the T-Virus, V-Poison (a venom from infected wasps), and P-Base (see below), a compound whose full properties are not documented. It is not known if Daylight is effective against the Progenitor virus, the G-Virus, the T/G Virus or Las Plagas.
Dehalcynate The Island (2005)

"Chuck" (2007, TV)

A concentrated solution which is fatal if not diluted. The name of the drug is not spoken in the film, but the labels on the bottles are seen in a few frames.
Doloxan Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining) Antitumoral drug. Its side effects include: hair loss, nausea and muscle degeneration. (Possibly the Colonial name for the real-world drug doxorubicin). It is mentioned in the episodes "Act of Contrition" and "Crossroads, Part II".
Dried Frog Pills Discworld A hallucinogen, used by the Bursar of Unseen University. The pills are carefully designed to make him hallucinate that he is sane. The main side-effect is that he also hallucinates an ability to fly. Fortunately the Bursar is a wizard and the only action necessary to deal with this belief is to keep him from going higher than the walls.
Dypraxa The Constant Gardener Dypraxa is a drug advertised by the fictional company ThreeBees. It is being tested on poor Kenyans in exchange for free medical treatment. It is intended to treat tuberculosis, or TB, and was created in anticipation of a future TB epidemic.
Elixir of life The Makropulos Affair Potion discovered by a physician of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor. It can lengthen human life for centuries.
E-Z Doze It Sleeping Pills Looney Tunes Just 2 pills can put a person to sleep.
Fast-penta Vorkosigan Saga Nearly fool proof truth drug.
Felicium Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Symbiosis" A narcotic powder used to treat an Ornaran plague. The Brekkians who produce it have been selling it to the Ornarans for centuries — the Ornarans believe the plague is still endemic on their planet and interpret the withdrawal symptoms they experience as the onset of the disease.
Flintstones Chewable Morphine The Simpsons A substance imagined by Bart Simpson while stricken with influenza.
Flu Buddy The Stand - telemovie adaptation A drug designed to treat the flu. An ad for it can be seen early in the film; later on two of the main characters can be seen sitting on a Flu Buddy bench in a town totally wiped out by Captain Trips, a government-designed superflu with a virtually 100% mortality rate.
Gambutrol The Exorcism of Emily Rose A fictional anti-epileptic drug prescribed to Emily Rose by her doctor which supposedly 'locks' her demonic possessions into her mind, leading her priest (Father Moore) to stop the medication, which in turn leads to his eventual incarceration under the charge of negligent homicide. This is most likely a spin off of the real anti-convulsant/anti-epileptic medication,Gabitril
Hydromel Doctor Who A green serum used to control the Vanir and keep them alive in the story Terminus.
Hydronalin Star Trek franchise A standard medication prescribed to counter radiation poisoning.
Hypnocil A Nightmare on Elm Street (series) An experimental drug (not approved by the FDA) that suppresses dreams. Hypnocil overdoses can put patients into irreversible comas.
Isoprovalyn Firefly A common immune booster mentioned in episode Ariel. There are also references to other medicines in this episode: propoxin, hydrozapam, alprazaline - a painkiller and dilaftin.
Jamitol Saturday Night Live A mixture of iron and high potency vitamins in the form of tablets or solution.
Jet Antidote Fallout 2 Cures Jet addiction. Can be acquired by player in Fallout 2 if player character became addicted to Jet.
Kallocain Kallocain A drug that forces people to reveal their innermost thoughts, invented by protagonist Leo Kall.
Kalocin The Andromeda Strain A universal wonderdrug stumbled upon by Jensen Pharmeceuticals. Kalocin is effective against every known virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasite, and even cancer. Research of Kalocin was halted and knowledge of it was covered up after it was discovered that anyone who stopped taking the drug quickly died from bizarre and massive infections.
Kolto Star Wars Expanded Universe Mined from the bottom of the great ocean that covers the planet Manaan, it was known for its strong healing properties. Kolto was eventually superseded by bacta.
Lethe various stories in Robert Heinlein's future history Powerful drug used to blank (or possibly just interfere with) memory so rejuvenation patients do not remember feeling pain or other problems associated with the treatments.
Lithium dibromide The Simpsons episode "Midnight Rx" Treatment against bipolar disorder.
Medi-Gel Mass Effect A compound mixture of anti-toxins, blood clotters, and restorative chemicals that enable a quickened healing process. A cheap, easily applied solution used in civilian and military life, provided for free in clinics throughout the game world.
Metazine Babylon 5 A powerful pain-killing narcotic that can be abused. Most notably in the B5 universe, while Stephen Franklin was on his own version of rehab ('Walkabout') for his addiction to the drug called stims, he fell in love with a woman who appeared to be recreationally addicted to Metazine [1], although she turned out to have a painful fatal disease and used it to treat the pain [2]. Metazine also was once used on Sinclair to keep him unconscious.[3]
Morpha Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining) Drug used as an analgesic, similar to the real-world morphine. It is applied via injector. Mentioned in episode Scattered.
Neodextraline solution Star Trek Treatment for dehydration.
Novril Stephen King's Misery A powerful, highly-addictive analgesic administered to the novelist Paul Sheldon by his nurse and "number one fan", Annie Wilkes. In the book, Novril is administered in pill form and is extremely bitter to taste. When the medication was withdrawn, Sheldon's pain returned along with physical dependence and hallucinations. In the film, Novril is in capsule form and is tasteless and non-addictive.
Panacea Traveller science-fiction role-playing game A place-holder medicine for characters who become ill. "Medical drug (often called panacea) is a general term describing the set of drugs used by medical personnel in the treatment of illness or injury." In Latin, Panacea means "all-healing", and is a name for the none-existent drug that would cure all diseases.
Panexa MERD Pharmaceuticals parody website "Ask your doctor for a reason to take it." A parody of commercial pharmaceuticals, Panexa is notable for its unusual list of side-effects. [4]
Pasceline D Firefly A drug used to treat Bowden's malady, a fictional degenerative disease affecting bones and muscles. Mentioned in episode The Train Job.
Phalanx World War Z A vaccine which is effective against rabies but useless as marketed for the virus which turns people into zombies.
Phoenix Down Final Fantasy series A powerful medicine made from phoenix feathers capable of reviving a dead (or seriously-injured) person. In Final Fantasy Tactics, they are made from the feathers of Chocobos.
Placiden Days of our Lives soap opera An anxiolytic, strong hypnotic and amnesic used to induce sleep. It was used by the villainous daughter of Stefano DiMera, Kristen Blake, to consistently drug Laura Horton.
Plomox Scrubs In My First Step, Plomox is the best anti-arrhythmic on the market, according to the show's pharmaceutical representative Julie Keaton (played by Heather Locklear), as its only side effects are "nausea, impotence, and anal leakage," Plomox branded items appear regularly throughout the series. Dr Cox criticises Julie's company for putting a massive mark-up on the drug.
Prexilin She Hate Me A HIV vaccine that reportedly cures 100% of users. However, it is revealed that tests results have been tampered with in order to get FDA approval. Actually the vaccine is effective only in 75% of the cases.
Provasic (RDU-90) The Fugitive A "miracle drug" developed by "Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals". Provasic produces drug induced hepatitis, but the producers alter the test results in order to get FDA approval. This side effect and the cover up are discovered by doctor Richard Kimble.
Prozium Equilibrium This drug was created to stop emotions entirely. The liquid is injected into the jugular by an auto-injector. This drug was created in hopes of stopping World War IV.
Pylene 50 Blake's 7 Used homeopathically, this drug is simply a muscle relaxant. However, a hundred times normal dosage totally subverts the will into complete obedience.
Qualex Mad TV "It's tranquilicious!" Similarly to valium, it is marketed to housewives.
RadAway Fallout series A medicine that quickly removes large amounts of radiation from the body. Possible side effects are listed as headache and nausea.
Rad-X Fallout series Taken before exposure to radiation, Rad-X greatly boosts one's radioactivity resistance. Works better in stronger subjects.
Repressitol "Bye Bye Nerdie" episode of The Simpsons A drug used to keep repressed memories from surfacing.
Retinax Star Trek Chemical substance that can cure presbyopia. James T. Kirk is allergic to retinax and must therefore use reading glasses (a very rare thing in the 23rd Century).
Ritalin Star Trek Drug used to bring people back from the verge of death, first used in the episode The City on the Edge of Forever. Ritalin has to be used in extremely small doses or it can cause paranoid mania. Although spelled the same as the ADHD drug, The Star Trek drug is pronounced rye-TAL-inn.
Ryll Star Wars Expanded Universe A type of spice originating on Ryloth that can be used for legitimate medicines or addictive recreational drugs.
Safsprin Resident Evil series An aspirin-based treatment for various common, daily illnesses.
St. Jonah's Morphine for Children Futurama Analgesic injected into Fry's arm by Dr. Zoidberg after Zoidberg cut it off in a fight to the death.
Stim pack [5] Doom (video game) Stim packs are health items scattered about almost all Doom and Doom II game maps. A single stimpack regenerates 10 points of health out of a 100 total points. A player will no longer collect and use stimpacks after the 100% health mark has been reached.
Selenine Clark Ashton Smith's The Plutonian Drug [6] Derived from a fossilized lichen found on the moon, selenine (in the form of a solution) is an "infallible serum," a universal cure for cancer and many other ailments.
Serisone Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining) Drug used to prevent fluid from building up in the lungs. It is applied via injector. Mentioned in episode Scattered.
Serum 114 A Clockwork Orange A drug which causes severe nausea, pain, and discomfort. It is injected during the Ludovico treatment, which uses a series of violent images forced on the viewer in order to cure violent urges in criminals. (Stanley Kubrick often used the number 114 in his films; compare the CRM-114 encryption device in Dr. Strangelove.)
Shinten (震点) Bleach A green liquid which can knock out anyone with weak spiritual power with one drop and used by members of the 4th (Medical) Division as an anesthetic. In particular, Hanatarō Yamada uses this on a stubborn Ichigo Kurosaki to incapacitate the latter long enough to perform needed medical care.
Skele-gro Harry Potter A noxious-tasting oral medicine administered after the user has lost bones through a magical spell. It apparently "regrows" bones.
Space Mead Cthulhu Mythos In Mythos books by August Derleth, a drug which places its users into a state of suspended animation. Used for interstellar flight on the backs of byakhee.
Tretonin Stargate SG-1 A drug used by Jaffa to replace the immunity-boosting effects of Goa'uld symbiotes. Allows Jaffa to survive without being host to a prim'ta Goa'uld. It can be used on humans to provide the same immunity-boosting effects, but at the cost of completely destroying the natural immune system, meaning that if the user ceases taking the drug, they will die.
Triopenin Saturday Night Live A compound of powerful anti-arthritic spansules and antihistamines, in childproof packaging. Pronounced "Try Opening".
Triox (AKA Triox Compound) Star Trek franchise A compound used to enrich the body in oxygen for use in environment poor in oxygen, i.e., planet Vulcan in Amok Time classic episode.
Turbolax Dumb and Dumber A very powerful laxative.
Uspirim Resident Evil series A second aspirin-based medication by the Umbrella Corporation. Unlike Safspirin (see above), this one may be prescription-required.
Valifin Resident Evil: Zero Hour by S.D. Perry A non-canon medication mentioned in the novelization , Valifin is a pediatric heart medication that has a side-effect of renal failure.
Viopril House, MD A 'new' ACE inhibitor that, according to House, 'all they’ve done is added antacid'.

Performance and lifestyle enhancers

These drugs are for enhancing strength, intelligence, and other attributes. Steroids, birth control pills, and antidepressants fall into this category.

Name Source Uses & effects
Alosun Nedor Comics publications, Tom Strong series Developed by Dr. Tom Strange, Alosun is a distillate of sun atoms. Ingesting Alosun gives the person superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and invulnerability.
Altruizin Stanisław Lem's Altruizin A drug which causes the user to feel emotions, pain sensations, etc. of other people in proximity. Invented to promote altruism.
Anti-Gerasone Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House A liquid which halts the aging process. A more recent development, super-anti-gerasone, is purported to produce actual rejuvenation.
Ascomycin James Blish's Cities in Flight series. An anti-aging drug. Blish invented the name in the 1950s: besides Blish's fictional drug, there is now a real immunosuppressant named ascomycin
Azrael Azrael by Wolfgang Hohlbein A secret drug created by German scientists to enhance human skills. Extensive use of the drug causes addiction, hallucinations and madness. It can also make a group of people's imagination become reality.
Betathanatine Altered Carbon Betathanatine, also known as 'The Reaper' or 'Stiff', is a drug which reduces metabolic rate and also cause emotional detachment. Betathanatine is used in military situations to either (implied) make soldiers willingly follow distasteful orders, or to reduce metabolism, body temperature, and life signs to avoid sensors.
Blinkmoth Serum Magic: The Gathering Blinkmoth serum is created by killing and harvesting blinkmoths. It grants the user extreme intelligence, self-awareness, and understanding. It is extremely addictive.
Bliss Nova by Samuel R. Delany Gold powder found on rocks on some planets at the galactic rim. Effects appear to be heightened concentration and loss of critical judgement.
Bliss (2) DC Comics A sedative and euphoric drug delivered by the villain of the same name during the "Aftershock" story arc in the Batman comics
Brilliance Origin 's, Privateer An illicit drug (contraband) which apparently acts as an intelligence enhancer.
Boosterspice Larry Niven's Known Space stories A drug used to extend the human lifespan. It can be used indefinitely.
Bubbleshake Doctor Who novel The Highest Science An appetite suppressant, which resembles a soft drink. If taken without an accompanying pill it is highly addictive and can lead to memory loss.
Buffout Fallout series A green tablet that boosts user's physical attributes. Addictive if taken excessively.
Chemical X The Powerpuff Girls A black liquid which grants various, apparently permanent abilities via skin contact. Chemical X gave the Powerpuff Girls their superpowers and gave Mojo Jojo his enhanced intelligence.
Clithni Clark Ashton Smith's The Plutonian Drug [7] A clear, emerald liquid which is found in geysers located in dormant volcanoes on Ganymede. Clithni has rejuvenative and anagathic properties.
Cortexin DC Comics Drug used to increase the intelligence of animals to human level in the Kamandi, Hercules Unbound, and other series.
Dimoxinil The Simpsons Hair regrowth drug. Requires daily application or regrown hair is lost. The name is an anagram of minoxidil, a compound which is actually used for treatment of male pattern baldness.
Distral Swallow An anti-depressant drug which induces rapid dependency. Giving up the drug causes terrible side-effects.
Drive Xenogears Drug used by some persons like the Gebler forces; causes extreme aggression after ingestion. It could be that it also enhances their physical powers. The Drug has terrible overdose effects.
Dylar White Noise (novel) Psychoactive drug supposed to remove the fear of death.
Ephemerol Scanners Tranquilizer, used as a morning sickness remedy; a mutagen, it induces telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Ephemerol also suppresses those abilities in adults so affected.
Ethical Birth Control Pills Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House Drug which totally inhibits the ability to experience sexual pleasure. Originally devised as a means of suppressing the tendency for monkeys to masturbate in public view, it was used, in combination with assisted ("ethical") suicide, to control massive overpopulation.
Flash Andromeda Highly addictive drug, causes improved reflexes, designed for better slipstream navigation. Administered by being dripped into the eyes, causing the iris to turn white.
Focusyn "Brother's Little Helper" episode of The Simpsons A Ritalin-like drug.
Fukitol Robin Williams' stand-up comedy; Fukitol website The commercial name for fukalthanol eutopiata, an all-in-one drug parody designed to maintain positive thoughts through many of life's obstacles and challenges. Are you living the lifestyle? From the official website Fukitol (read the name of the drug slowly, if the parody nature isn't obvious).
Gamma Glipheptin Mobile Suit Gundam SEED A liquid stimulant that, when drunk by the Biological CPU pilots of the Earth Alliance, enhances their stamina, reflexes, and reaction time, allowing them to fight on the same level as Coordinators. Gamma Glipheptin has severe withdrawal symptoms, and the fact that the Alliance is the only manufacturer of the drug ensures that its valuable pilots can never rebel against them.
(Formula 1-6-1)
The Secret World of Alex Mack A weight-loss drink that the show's villain, Danielle Atron, tried to market off to consumers nationwide. The main ingredient in this "FDA Approved" substance is GC-161, an extremely dangerous mutagenic compound that can develop various superhuman abilities to those who use it to excess.
Gingold extract DC Comics Ralph Dibny isolated the extract from the fictional gingold fruit (a favorite of contortionists) and in doing so, acquired stretching powers. He used the extract and its results to become the superhero called the Elongated Man.
Gleemonex Brain Candy Anti-depressant that effectively cures depression rather than alleviating the symptoms. It is a blue hue in its synthesized state, but it is distributed as an orange pill. An unfortunate side-effect permanently locks users into his/her happiest memory, effectively making the user comatose. Rumor suggests the drug may contain monkey semen. The proper or common name of Gleemonex is revealed to be Duoroflouriximinimum 602.
Hardovax Philip K. Dick's Galactic Pot-Healer A simple pill to counteract erectile dysfunction.
Homocil Saturday Night Live Provides relief for parental anxiety disorder resulting from having a gay child.
Hyper Shadowrun (Shadowtech sourcebook) Direct neural stimulator which acts on the nerves connected to the temporal and occipital lobes of the brain. Induces hyperaesthesia, a condition of excessive sensitivity to sensory stimuli.
Jumpstart Transmetropolitan An amphetamine-like stimulant, taken orally in pills or smoked. Used to dilute space dust, it is known to cause constipation.
Kamikaze Shadowrun (Shadowtech supplement) A tailored amphetamine, used to increase strength, quickness, and pain tolerance.
Ketracel White Star Trek: Deep Space Nine A white liquid drug to which the Jem'Hadar super-soldiers are born addicted, a genetically engineered trait to prevent their rebellion.
Kerasine Gunsmith Cats A liquid drug that can also have effects if inhaled in aerosol form (either intentionally or through burning of the drug). Also referred to as "Powerball". In small doses it induces a trance in which the drugged person is highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion or brainwashing. In larger doses it can act like PCP, inducing mania and feral strength.
Kick Marvel Comics An addictive drug used by mutants to enhance their powers. Kuan-Yin Xorn (often referred to as Xorn I by comic fans) became addicted to it, masqueraded as Magneto and then went on a rampage through New York. Later determined to be an aerosol compound for distributing an ancient primordial organism known only as Sublime.
KR-3 Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said An experimental compound which disrupts the brain's ability to distinguish alternate realities. Even if they do not consume the drug, people involved in the drug user's life can be shifted into an alternate existence based on the drug user's mind.
Ladder Jacob's Ladder Aggression-enhancing drug created by the U.S. Army's Chemical Warfare division in Saigon during the Vietnam War and tested on American troops in the Mekong Delta, with horrific results. Based on the Army's purported experimentation with a hallucinogenic drug called BZ.
Love Potion No. 9 Song from Fraggle Rock A red potion given to Wembley by Marjory the Trash Heap in episode thirteen of season one, "We Love You Wembley." The vapours of the potion cause the inhaler to fall madly in love with the fraggle who opened the vial. The effects, while potent, only last twenty minutes.
Magic Potion Asterix Gives the imbiber temporary super-strength. Apparently has permanent effects if one falls into an entire cauldron in childhood.
Mañanacillin American Flagg! Combination antibiotic and contraceptive, heavily classified studies show long term use leads to sterility.
Melange Dune series A substance in the Dune universe only found on the planet Arrakis, where it is produced by the sandworms. It is an addictive geriatric drug that gives the user longer life, greater vitality, heightened awareness, and can unlock prescience in some subjects, depending upon the dosage and the consumer's biological makeup. It is also used by the Spacing Guild's navigators to see safe paths through space-time, hence making interstellar travel possible. It is better known as Spice. Addictive: whites of the eyes turn blue as a side effect.
Mentamite Five and Mentamite Six Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Created by LexCorp, Mentamite Five is an intelligence booster, but eventually burns out the user's brain. Mentamite Six originally burnt out the user's brain immediately, but Phillip, a Mentamite Five user, corrected the flaw in the formula.
Mentats Fallout series Potentially addictive intelligence and perception booster. Note reference to Mentat in Dune.
Micoxaflopin "" An emotionally addictive male sexual enhancement drug. A collaborative effort of the Vaginal Institute of America & the Gonad Rehabilitation Association.
Miraclo Hourman by DC Comics Originally, an orally-ingested (later developed for hypodermic spray) drug that gives the user superstrength and possibly other powers for the duration of exactly one hour. Used by Hourman. The original version of the drug was heavily addictive, enough so that it caused both the first and second Hourman to give up the costume while they fought their addictions. Eventually, Rick Tyler (the second Hourman) developed a non-addictive variant.
Mutant Growth Hormone Marvel Comics Extracted from superpowered individuals in the Marvel Universe, MGH is usually presented in pill form. It grants temporary powers to whoever takes it. Supposedly, these powers are duplicates of those belonging to whomever the genetic material necessary to make the drug was extracted from, although this seems inconsistent. Usually, the effect is increased strength and aggression. It should be noted that the drug can be refined from superpowered non-mutants as well. Patriot, of the Young Avengers, abused the drug to earn his place on the team.
Omegendorph Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy A stimulating medication based on the brain's natural endorphins. Psychologically if not physically addictive.
Pax Firefly Formally G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate, it was created by the Alliance and administered to the settlers of the planet Miranda. The drug was supposed to remove aggression and thus render the planet free of violence, but an unfortunate side effect was that the populace stopped working, eating, or caring about anything and simply gave up on life, dying in their newfound nonaggressive state. Worse, roughly a tenth of a percent (0.1%) of the planet's population — approximately 30,000 individuals — were affected by Pax in an opposite effect. They became extremely aggressive and mentally unstable, mutilating their own bodies, and killing the researchers who had come to investigate. They eventually left the planet and formed into the much feared Reavers.
"Plutonium", aka the Plutonian drug Clark Ashton Smith's The Plutonian Drug [8] A fine white powder derived from fossilized plant material located beneath the frozen gasses that for Pluto's surface, Plutonium sends the user's mind into a strange fugue, wherein he experiences all the moments of the future and the past as a series of bas-relief images stretching off to the right and left. The sensation lasts for up to half-an-hour, during which time the user can retrace his past experiences or even trace his path into the future. Due to the subjective time it takes to navigate this experience, it seems likely that the user can perceive at most a day or so in either direction.
Polydichloric euthimal (PDE) Outland An amphetamine-type drug that in the short term makes human beings capable of doing fourteen hours’ work in six hours, but in the long term induces psychosis and subsequent death. The name of the drug is the same with that of the explosive used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and with a molecule simulated in The Relic.
Project 5 formulas The Lawnmower Man (film only) A collection of drugs designed to increase neurochemical activity and enhance intelligence. Developed and tested on animals, their use on humans is strongly contraindicated.
Prozium Equilibrium An injected emotion suppressor used to maintain social control in Equilibrium's post-WW3 dystopian society. (The name of this fictional drug was originally "Librium", but that turned out to be the registered trade name of the real anti-anxiety drug chlordiazepoxide. The fictional drug was quickly renamed Prozium.)
Psycho Fallout series An addictive injection developed by the military. It boosts the user's agility and damage resistance at the cost of intelligence. During withdrawal, user suffers agility penalty and gains intelligence boost.
Quicksilver The Invisible Man TV series Secreted by an artificially implanted gland; when it reaches high doses in the bloodstream causes psychosis and fierce aggressiveness. This can only be prevented by administering "counteragent" intravenously.
Regenerate Resident Evil: Apocalypse Regenerate is a skincare product that uses the T-Virus to reanimate dead skin cells, making the user appear younger.
Ritalout "Timmy 2000" episode of South Park Reverses the effects of Ritalin
Rumble Ball One Piece A drug created by TonyTony Choppa that gives people that ate a Zoan aki-aki no mi four new transformations and makes the basic three ones a lot stronger.
Sapho Dune series Plant root extract used by Mentats to amplify their mental powers; apparently addictive, and stains the lips red.
Silver Serpent Venom Ultima A mildly toxic but addictive substance that temporarily increases the user's physical strength. Plays a minor role in the plot of the game Ultima VII.
Slappers Batman Beyond A steroid, absorbed through the skin. Based on Venom (see below).
Sleep-EX Rat Race Fights insomnia; in large doses it can cause unconsciousness in fully awake people.
Snibbo The World of Beachcomber Wonder potion or pills capable of tackling various conditions in different programmes.
Soma Vedas, Ayurveda According to Hindu mythology, this is the elixir of immortality
Soma (2) Aldous Huxley's Brave New World An antidepressant which is hallucinogenic if taken in sufficient quantities; developed under governmental subsidies and engineered to have almost no side effects. Large doses cause death by depressing the medulla oblongata's respiration centers. This has no relation to Soma, the brand name of the medicine carisoprodol, a real world muscle relaxant.
Spaceoline Isaac Asimov's "I'm in Marsport Without Hilda" Medication given to prevent space sickness during interplanetary travel. Users babble, speaking in free association; the ability to react to stimuli (including sexual arousal) is reduced. The legal version is in common use, but slight chemical alterations can transform it into a hazardous narcotic.
Stim or Stims various A common name for performance enhancing or rapid-healing stimulant drugs in science fiction and video games.
Stimutacs Sealab 2021 Highly addictive drug including the positive and many effects of many drugs. Said to be "mostly Kelp" it was later found to contain the poison of the Fugu fish.
Stimpacks StarCraft Stimpacks are capsules of synthesised adrenaline and painkillers. They are used by Marines and Firebats to temporarily increase their speed and rate of fire. If a limb is severed, their powered armour injects a dose into the area. Side effects include tissue hemorrhage, manifested as a -10 hitpoint penalty. A unit taking a stimpack cries out "Oh yeah!" or "That's the stuff!"
Super Mushroom The Super Mario universe A giant mushroom, roughly three or four feet tall. Once removed from its container, it will propel itself in the direction opposite the person that opened the container. All mushrooms are a solid color on the cap with white spots. When consumed, red ones doubles height and strength. Green ones allow the user to come back from the dead once, and purple ones cause great physical pain.
Velocity-9 and Velocity-10 The Flash comics Addictive drug that gives the user super-speed, created by the supervillain Vandal Savage.
T'langen Breakdown video game Drug that produces various effect in humans depending on dosage and concentration. Less than 10 percent of those injected survive, with most dying from causes such as respiratory failure and seizures. For those that don't die, the drug creates a yellow glowing bioluminescence effect around the hands and forearms, increased strength, speed, endurance, and constitution, the ability to generate an invisible shield honeycombs when hit by projectiles or explosives if facing in the direction of the oncoming force, making the user invincible to such things. Also, humans can gain the ability to defeat the T' Lan, humanoid creatures invulnerable to harm from any direction, by hitting the T'Lan shield with their own shield. At higher doses (those who survive low doses are more likely to survive higher doses), the user can experience even greater strength, speed, endurance and constitution, along with sometimes also the ability to throw balls of energy, create shockwaves to kill or throw enemies to the ground, high jump, and move extremely quickly for short periods of time.
Venom Batman Highly addictive super-steroid, used primarily by the villain Bane. Increases physical performance and stamina.
Venus Drug Star Trek episode "Mudd's Women" Drug that radically enhances the user's physical attractiveness - apparently by placebo effect.
Viagrogaine The Simpsons A topical rub for bald and impotent men, or as its spokesman Homer Simpson says, "It gives you hair up there and what you need down there". May cause loss of scalp and/or penis. The name is a combination of both the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and the hair growth treatment Rogaine.
Vitameatavegamin I Love Lucy An elixir containing vitamins, meat, vegetables, minerals, and 23% alcohol. Allegedly to help people who are "tired, run-down, and listless".
Water of power One Piece The Water of power or "the water that eat lives" is a drug from Alabasta. When used, it focuses all the consumers remaining life into strength, When drank it wear out the body completely leaving the user only a few minutes to live.
Wraith Enzyme Stargate Atlantis A red liquid naturally produced and injected by the Wraith into the victims of their vampiric feedings. It produces effects similar to epinephrine, only longer lasting. In doses larger than are naturally distributed by the Wraith, users gain exceptional speed, strength, vitality, and reflexes. Side-effects include paranoid delusions, anxiety, and lack of rational thought, although it does not affect lucidity. Withdrawal causes extreme pain, nausea, anxiety, and a weakened immune system. Overdose can lead to a stroke, or cardiac arrest. The potency of the drug is directly related to the dosage, so those who take higher doses experience bolstered effects.
Zombie Powder Zombie Powder This powder, made from the remains of corpses and the undead, can be used to make its user immortal. However, since only certain corpses/zombies contain the necessary factor for the drug, it is extremely rare and one of the most prized items in the world.


Drugs used for narcotic, hallucinogenic or other recreational usage. These drugs tend to be illegal and addictive, sometimes dangerously so.

Name Source Uses & effects
Aklo Alan Moore's The Courtyard Not an actual drug, it is a pre-human language, which if heard after a hit of DMT-7, will cause the user to have severe hallucinations, and subsequently have a new vocabulary and an ability to see the world for what it truly is.
Ash Blade: The Series The actual ash of slain vampires. Temporarily granted humans some of a vampire's strength and abilities. Side-effects included a thirst for blood which often resulted in the user eating his own fingers.
Betaphenethylamine Neuromancer Stimulant and hallucinogen, usually administered in the form of dermal patches. Can bypass livers and pancreases surgically altered to reject narcotics. Based on the actual neurotransmitter β-Phenylethylamine.
Bliss (3) Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Grant Naylor A brown powder, which people can become addicted to simply by looking at it. Makes the user believe (s)he is an omnipotent deity, while at the same time rendering them incapable of as much as tying their shoes.
Bliss (4) The Wizard of Sunset Strip by Simon Hawke Thaumaturgically brewed drug. Not physiologically addicting, but the state of peace and serenity it induces is strongly habit-forming, and larger and larger doses of the drug are required to cop the same buzz. Used by at least one necromancer to keep his victims in thrall.
Bliss Pellets Aeon Flux A Pill like organ rendered from a water creature, its effect is amnesia.
Bloodhype Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth Also known by such street names as "jaster" and "silly salt." Instantly addictive drug derived from a tree only known to grow on a single planet. Affects entire nervous system, causing intense pleasure. Withdrawal is excruciatingly painful, and usually fatal; treatment requires total life support. It is said that an addict will gladly sell everything he or she owns, along with all body parts beyond the minimum needed to inject the drug, for his or her next dose. There is no known way to synthesize it, and the tree from which it is derived was thought to have been deliberately driven to extinction, but drug has reappeared. A large dose was used to defeat the malevolent entity known as the Vom.
Blue Glass The Onion A crystalline euphoric substance that is smoked. Effects include feelings of extreme happiness and optimism, greatly enhanced reflexes, and sexual pleasure immediately followed by a semi-permanent suicidal catatonia. The duration of use is five minutes. Featured in a humorous article entitled "CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs for '98" (July 9, 1997).
Brainscratch The Onion A hardcore hallucinogenic disassociative administered through eye-drops. Lasts ten hours to several years. Featured in a humorous article entitled "CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs for '98" (July 9, 1997).
Bug Powder Naked Lunch (film) Yellow powder initially used by exterminators to kill bugs. When injected into the bloodstream it can cause, what Joan Lee describes as, "a literary high" and may or may not be a hallucinogen. It is also quite be habit forming.
Cake Brass Eye A bright-yellow cake-sized pill from eastern Europe (described chemically as a "bisturbile cranabolic amphetamoid") which many featured celebrities held as they talked; purportedly affected an area of the brain called "Shatner's Bassoon". Despite pointed repeated statements that the drug was fictional, David Amess, a British Member of Parliament was fooled into filming an elaborate video warning against the dangers of Cake, and went as far as to ask a question about it in Parliament [9].
Can-D Philip K. Dick's The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch A plant product imported from Ganymede to Mars that allows colonists to escape into a group hallucination based on their Perky Pat layouts, which are fictional analogues of Barbie.
Cardamine Freelancer A natural product of the ecosystem on the planet Malta, it is found in trace amounts in nearly everything on the planet, including the atmosphere and water. A very addictive mutagenic narcotic, its withdrawal symptoms are extremely violent and invariably fatal. Exposure over generations is known to cause unnatural longevity as well as greatly decreased fertility. The drug is trafficked by the criminal faction known as the Outcasts (formed by the original settlers of Malta), and outlawed by all the major Houses. The best available selling price is on the planet Manhattan, although this run is risky for players as Manhattan is located in the centre of House space and there is a significant risk of being discovered on the route.
Chew-Z Philip K. Dick's The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch A substance, probably brought back by Palmer Eldritch from the Prox system, that is marketed as a more realistic alternative to Can-D but transports the user to a world controlled by Eldritch.
Chronax Donald Fagen's Morph the Cat Powerful hallucinogen. Ten milligram fatal dose.
Condamine SF of Cordwainer Smith Powerful narcotic; it also exists in an enhanced form, super-condamine, lethal except to those infected by the dromozoa of the punishment world Shayol.
Cyclomite Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day A combination of cyclopropane and dynamite with hallucinatory properties, described as "a reality modifying explosive".
DMT-7 Alan Moore's The Courtyard A weak hallucinogen, which in its natural form is produced in the human brain. Trip lasts about 10-15 minutes. Usually taken before a hit of Aklo.
Deathsticks Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Cigarettes
DMZ David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest Powerful hallucinogen derived from a species of mold.
Drencrom A Clockwork Orange Ingredient in milk-plus, sold in the Korova Milkbar. Likely a reference to adrenochrome.
Dreamgum Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld saga A hallucinogenic drug provided, alongside alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, to the human beings living on the River by the mysterious "Ethicals." Delivery method is in the form of a stick of gum, which is chewed. Effects vary widely, including euphoria, sexual arousal and compulsion, and vivid hallucinations, often associated with unpleasant memories. Can be habit forming.
Dust Babylon 5 A highly illegal drug that induces telepathy. Users commit "telepathic rape", also illegal, by forcibly (and painfully) scanning the minds of other people. Can induce telepathy even in some species that have no natural telepaths, such as Narns.
Dyne City of Heroes An addictive narcotic that is peddled by more than one street gang. A stronger version, Superadyne, will provide pain immunity and induce the user with violent tendencies. Overuse of Superadyne will degenerate a user into a Troll, which makes them brainless but gives them superhuman powers.
Energon Transformers: Generation 1 When taken in quantities above what is needed to re-energize, causes drunkenness in Transformers.
Excelsior City of Heroes A powerful narcotic that raises the normal physical attributes of a human, including an incredibly high pain tolerance. The street gang known as the Freakshow take advantage of the pain tolerance to replace their limbs with cybernetic implants.
The Fear Red Star, Winter Orbit by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson Causes fear, paranoia and hallucinations, administered either via pills or injection. Possibly used by espionage and intelligence agencies.
Flects Warhammer 40,000 novel series Ravenor by Dan Abnett. Shards of glass smuggled from the ruined cities of a world conquered by Chaos which cause delirium when a user looks at them.
Formula 51 Formula 51 aka The 51st State Claimed to be a powerful narcotic, stimulant and hallucinogen. While various tests confirm the claim, in reality the ingredients cancel each other out, making it “the most expensive candy in history.”
Gerin Oil Gerin oil A highly addictive drug which can cause delusions disconnection to reality, hallucination, homicidal tendencies, and suicidal behavior. Despite these properties, it is legal and many prominent politicians are vocal advocates of its use. Scientific name "geriniol."
Gingerbread Gingerbread Economy A highly potent hallucinogen based on LSD. It forms the basis of a complex system of economics in the future dystopia novel "Gingerbread Economy". The drug comes on blotter paper with a distinctive gingerbread-man icon design, it is sealed in clear plastic and bundled into envelopes of "wraps" of ten or "maxi-wraps" of 50.
Glitterstim Star Wars Expanded Universe A hallucinogenic drug made from spice that may cause temporary psychic abilities.
Goofballs Kingdom of Loathing An item in the game, comes in one of those little amber pillbottles presumably full of said Goofballs. If used it produces a 20% increase in strength and moxie. Goofball Withdrawal causes 50% penalty to all stats, and can be cured by sweating out the symptoms for a very long time, or instantly by taking more goofballs. Acquired from a very suspicious NPC who provides the first bottle to the player for free but charges outrageous prices (10,000 M) for later doses.
G'Quan Eth seeds Babylon 5 The G'Quan Eth plant is a Narn religious plant ritually burned as incense, and its seeds are a narcotic for Centauri when dropped in alcohol. The G'Quan Eth plant is "difficult to grow, expensive to transport, very expensive to own"[10]. Whether it affects other species in this way when in alcohol is not clear, but we know that Narn don't seem to use it as a recreational drug (Londo chides G'Kar for Narns "It's a shame you Narns waste them, burning them as incense"[11]) and that it is illegal to possess on B5 except in religious contexts. The plant is presumably named after Narn spiritual leader G'Quan.
Hazia The Farthest Shore by Ursula K. Le Guin A plant whose root is used as an addictive drug to give visions. It blackens the mouth and causes nervous disorders and eventually death.
Honk, Double Honk Discworld 'Recreational' (for trolls).
Jet Fallout 2 A highly addictive methamphetamine-like substance. Comes in the form of an inhaler. Plays an important role in the world of Fallout 2.
Kickapoo Joy Juice Li'l Aner A powerful liquor made by Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe. Undoubtedly derived from actual Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company of Connecticut (totally unrelated to Kickapoo Indians of Oklahoma), which produced and sold patent medicine consisting largely of alcohol. There is a real soft drink called Kickapoo Joy Juice which is similar to Mountain Dew.
Leeches In a nationwide PSA campaign in the United States by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the early 2000s, an activity called "SLOMming," standing for "Sticking Leeches On Myself" was depicted as being popular with high school students looking to get high. Teens were depicted in partaking in this activity due to peer pressure, while the activity itself was depicted as rather distasteful. This sort-of backfired, as some young viewers thought this was a real means of getting high and sought to try it.
Levitol Mallworld A controlled but largely legal recreational drug which enables the consumer to fly.
Lho sticks Warhammer 40,000 A drug similar in packaging and use to tobacco cigarettes.
Lotus tree Homer's Odyssey A plant, possibly native to Libya, with opium-like sedative and narcotic properties. It is believed that the plant may be related to the jujube plant or the date palm. The plant was the sole food of the Lotophagi.
Mechanics Transmetropolitan Recreational drug taken with the aid of an AI. Both the AI and the human user enjoy hallucinations; the drug causes portions of the human body to develop into cybernetic implants.
Merge Rudy Rucker's Wetware Recreational drug which temporarily dissolves the user into a liquid. Allows sexual partners to experience each other very closely- in a shared puddle.
Mindprobes The Last Book in the Universe Mindprobes are the preferred method of entertainment after "The Big Shake," preferred to books and television. The Mindprobe allows the user to become a character in a story. Side effects include addiction, memory loss, and secreting a thick, clear fluid at the injection site (the top of the head). They are shut down at the end of the book. They come in a variety, such as adventure, and sexbos (porn.)
Mimezine Wild Palms mini-series Drug giving illusion of physical reality to holograms.
Mist Prayer of the Rollerboys A highly addictive green glowing liquid that was abused in the movie and supplied by the Roller Boys. Has a special ingredient which sterilizes its users.
Mnophka Clark Ashton Smith's The Plutonian Drug [12] A narcotic derived on Venus, it has a devastating effect on the human physiology. It causes the user to experience extreme "time-compression" - although he cannot move faster than normal, it seems to him like he senses time flowing at a much faster rate, causing him to suffer sensory overload. Physical tissue trauma is consistent with the amount of subjective time the user has experienced.
Molecular Reward Half Past Human - T. J. Bass Hallucinogen. Overdose causes users to believe they are a bird, flower or mushroom.
Moon Rocks The Simpsons Rocks from the moon, ground up and freebased by Krusty the Clown. All they do is get him to normal. In Reality, Moon Rocks refers to the practice of smoking heroin together with cocaine.
Neuroin Minority Report Effects similar to heroin, transparent gaseous drug administered using plastic inhalers.
Nuke RoboCop 2 A powerful, addictive, synthetic narcotic. A red, blood-like liquid that is injected, its effects resemble cocaine.
Obscura Warhammer 40,000 An addictive, psychoactive drug which is typically smoked.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Said to be the greatest drink in existence by the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, this is one of the most intoxicating alcoholic drinks found in the known universe. The Guide states: "The effect of drinking a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick."
Phenyldihydrochloride benzelex Withnail And I A presumably rare designer drug in the form of a capsule, offered to Withnail by his dealer, Danny. It is implied that the drug - known on the street as 'the Embalmer' - is extremely potent and dangerous, although its effects are not specified.
Plutonian nyborg Heavy Metal Inhaled white powder. Appearance resembles cocaine, effects resemble marijuana. Used by two alien starship pilots.
Psylenol Planetfall A drug stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic.
Red Eye Cowboy Bebop Amphetamine-type recreational drug, highly illegal and extremely valuable. Delivered in the form of an eye-spray, which cause the user's eyes to go red; hence the name. Users perceive a slowed rate of time, and seem to have incredibly quick reflexes as well as other heightened physical capabilities. In the original Japanese broadcast of the series, Red Eye is referred to as Bloody Eye. This created some confusion when the English dub renamed them Red Eye, though in at least one case, the drug is also referred to as Bloody Eye as well.
Red Kryptonite Smallville Red meteor-rock from the planet Krypton. Causes erratic behavior and loss of inhibitions.
Shadow Blake's 7 A highly addictive drug whose inevitable result is death. Its source is Alpha 7/5, or the Moon Disc, an ovoid, translucent plant which has partial telepathy, and could move on its own. This plant grows only on the planet Zondar.
Skooma The Elder Scrolls Illegal and extremely addictive drug, reference to real world opium. The in-game book Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater is a reference to the real-world novel Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.
Slab Discworld 'Recreational' (for trolls). Technically not a fictional drug, so much as one that has no intoxicating effect on humans as Discworld trolls are silicon based lifeforms. Slab is described as being a mixture of ammonium chloride and radium. Other troll drugs, mostly variants of Slab with worse effects, include Scrape, Slice, Slide, Slunky, Slurp and Sliver.
Somnambutol American Flagg! Hallucinogenic barbiturate, used for both recreational use, in small doses, and riot control, where it is commonly used in Snowball 99 capsule bullets.
Space Transmetropolitan Hallucinogen, often taken in the smokeable form space dust.
Space Coke Cheech and Chong's Next Movie Insanely powerful stimulant of extraterrestrial origin.
Space (Bee) Honey Futurama Space honey ("This is no ordinary honey!") is honey produced by giant space bees with a narcotic (and possibly hallucinogenic) effect with different effects based on dosage. "One spoonful to calm you down. Two spoonfuls to help you sleep. But three spoonfuls and you'll go into a sleep so deep, you'll never wake up."
Spark G.I. Joe Erratic behavior. Lethal in excessive doses.
Spike The Onion Stimulant causing rush of physical strength, inability to feel pain, and sociopathic impulses. Originally developed by the Pentagon as a combat drug. Featured in a humorous article entitled "CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs for '98" (July 9, 1997).
Spin Bravestarr

Episode: The Price

A drug which is absorbed through direct skin-contact, and apparently has stimulant and hallucinogenic qualities. High doses and extended use can cause violence and aggression. Withdrawal is apparently equivalent to that of cocaine. Long-term use and overdose are apparently lethal.
Stimutacs Sealab 2021 "Herbal dietary supplement", produced from all natural ingredients (99% kelp, 1% fugu tetrodotoxin other). Highly hallucinogenic, euphoric stimulant.
Substance D A Scanner Darkly Dampens the links between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, causing vivid hallucinations. Also called "Slow Death," it is lethally addictive. Long-term use can lead to two separate, mutually unaware personalities.
Supercool Upright Citizens Brigade A totally legal recreational drug, it was the running gag in Season 2, culminating in the season finale which was a supposed expose on the drug. Supercool is revealed to be nothing but the popular candy, Pixy Stix.[1]
Synthehol Star Trek: The Next Generation Synthehol is an artificial substitute for alcohol, allowing the drinker to experience the intoxicating effects without any adverse after-effects such as hangovers. In long-term doses it creates a psychological (but not physical) addiction, similar to cannabis.
Synthemesc A Clockwork Orange A hallucinogen, its name derived from "synthetic mescaline", in the milk-plus sold in the Korova Milkbar.
Dr. Zeus Inc.#Theobromos Kage Baker's 'The Company' series A mood elevating substance when ingested in large quantities. While it refers to theobromine, its affects on immortals are unique. Overindulgence causes disorientation, loss of balance, emotional effusiveness, and hangovers.
Thionite E. E. Smith's Lensman series Highly addictive euphoriant, involved in the most dangerous illegal drug trafficking in the Lensman universe. An overdose of thionite is lethal.
Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake Metalocalypse An incredibly potent drug that causes you to "get so high your brains will blow chunks into the milky way." It causes you to go insane and leaves your mind a blank slate. It was used by members of the hair metal band, Snakes n' Barrels, during their reunion concert and caused all but their lead singer, Pickles, to go insane.
Trellium Star Trek: Enterprise An addictive drug for Vulcans. It harms their nervous system in such a way that they cannot control their feelings by logic any longer.
Tripwire Transmetropolitan Hallucinogen simulator, used and abused by sentient AIs.
Ultrazone Red Dwarf Mechanoid narcotic, which causes circuit board degradation.
U4 SiN Dangerously addictive narcotic developed by biochemist Elexis Sinclaire. A deliberate effect of the drug is genetic alteration, causing horrible mutations in the user. The drug was developed and distributed for the purpose of building a bio-engineered army for world conquest.
Valkyr Max Payne Highly addictive narcotic in the form of a green neon liquid that spread rapidly through New York City. Junkies are prone to babbling and unpredictable violence; it produces a complete disassociation from reality and nightmarish hallucinations which can actually be experienced in Max Payne.
Vellocet A Clockwork Orange Ingredient in milk-plus, sold in the Korova Milkbar. Produces alertness and ultra-violent tendencies; presumably an amphetamine of some sort, given the name.
Vraxoin Doctor Who Addictive and deadly narcotic drug, also known as 'vrax' created from mandrells, alien monsters from the planet Eden. When electrocuted (or perhaps destroyed by high temperature) mandrells are reduced to a fine, grey powder: vraxoin. The drug causes lassitude, happiness and general well-being, while withdrawals are characterized by paranoid mania. The mandrells of Eden are a 'new' source of vraxoin, implying that there was once another source. The fact that planetary customs officers still scan for vraxoin - apparently some decades after the last source was destroyed - implies that either additional sources are known, or there are considerable stockpiles.
White Claudia Silent Hill series A highly-addictive hallucinogenic drug cultivated from a plant of the same name (reference to Aglaophotis Plant) which is indigenous to Silent Hill. The cult in Silent Hill ritualistically uses the drug in their religious ceremonies. Additionally, Dr. Michael Kaufmann uses the drug to keep members of the Alchamilla Hospital staff addicted and thus completely loyal to him.
Zom-B The Onion Crystalline narcotic substance with similar effects to barbiturates; when injected, causes a stuporous mental coma and involuntary stimulation of the user's motor functions and reflex system resulting in compulsive wandering, hence the name "Zom-B." Featured in a humorous article entitled "CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs for '98" (July 9, 1997).
Zyme Deus Ex Hallucinogenic, euphoria-inducing drug, also magnifies vision when used. Overdoses can be fatal (only to NPCs as the player is able to ingest large quantities in a short time with no after effects aside from the "drunken effect"). Recreational drug of choice in the world of Deus Ex. Many mods have this drug give bullet time and enhanced abilities


Snake oils can be found here. Also for compounds whose properties are not known.

Name Source Uses & effects
Aglaophotis Silent Hill A red, blood-like liquid used in exorcism taken from the plant of the same name (see Aglaophotis). Base to make White Claudia.
How to Murder Your Wife Also known in the movie as "goof balls" which, when taken in combination with alcohol produce an effect of "Ziiiiiip, Flop." It should be noted that 'goof balls' is also a street name for the non-fictional pentobarbital.
Flashback Hyperion Addictive, Causes user to experience flash backs to previous life experiences. Requires a brain implant to use.
Habafropzipulops Church of the SubGenius Also known as Frop, this unknown substance (which is specified is not a drug, but not clarified beyond that) is in the pipe of Church figurehead J. R. "Bob" Dobbs. The substance is said to possibly contain either mystical, hallucinogenic, or Divine powers, or nothing at all.
Hezekiah's Compound Elixir and Gladular Restorative The Cabinet of Curiosities A tonic sold by Hezekiah Pendergast in the 1800s. The tonic was eventually exposed as a lethal blend of cocaine, acetanilid, and alkaloid botanicals. It was the cause of uncounted addictions and deaths, including that of Hezekiah's wife.
LCL Neon Genesis Evangelion An oxygenated fluid, breathable by humans, which allows a pilot's nervous system to synchronize with that of an Evangelion mecha. Often erroneously thought to stand for 'Link Connect Liquid', though Gainax states this is wrong.
Metroid Vaccine Metroid Fusion A neon green, faintly luminescent substance containing Metroid cells, the only cure for X-Parasite infestation. Induces Metroid characteristics in those injected with it, including extreme vulnerability to cold and the ability to absorb X parasites for energy in their raw form.
Mutagenic Serum Fallout 2 An attempt to reverse the effects of Forced Evolution Virus.
P-Base Resident Evil Outbreak An unknown compound necessary to create the anti-T-virus serum called Daylight (see above).
PurBlood Mount Dragon A blood substitute developed by the biotechnology company GeneDyne. It consists of human hemoglobin manufactured by altered E. coli, purified using GeneDyne's proprietary GEF purification and artificially encapsulated. Due to flaws in the GEF process, it also causes hemoglobin poisoning and insanity within months.
Protoblood Lexx A fluid secreted by the Gigashadow. Exposure to protoblood animates the dead.
Rage Powermark A drug that takes any hostile emotion, and turns it into full-blown Rage.
Re-Agent Re-Animator Unnamed, unspecified green neon chemical substance which is capable of resurrecting the dead, right down to the molecular level. In a deleted scene in the film, Herbert West is shown using it as a stimulant, and is apparently quite addicted to it.
Soy Sauce John Dies At The End A supernatural drug which grants the user, among other things, superhuman congnitive ability, the ability to see beings invisible to normal humans, and the ability to see in to the future and past. It is lethal to many, resulting in effects ranging from instantaneous explosion to posession by evil beings. It seemingly chooses who will and will not take it, and what effects they will experience.
The Cure X-Men: The Last Stand A drug that reverses the evolutionary process and deactivates a mutant's superpower(s)
ThreeEye Storm Front, a novel in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Sold as a hallucinogenic street drug, ThreeEye temporarily grants a user The Sight, a wizard's ability to see into the NeverNever (the magical world) and see beings from the NeverNever as they actually are. Users who are not aware of the NeverNever believe that what they see are hallucinations. ThreeEye was also mentioned on The Dresden Files TV series.
Yakov's Elixir The Inspector General A snake oil found within the play.
Infestation Antidote StarCraft: Brood War A drug that kills the Zerg Hyperevolutionary virus and reverses its effects
Nurostim StarCraft: Brood War A drug administered to the Overmind to put it into stasis.

To be added

  • Anaproviline - Star Trek
  • Aphrodite - Get Backers - A white powder which was from the Venus De Milo storyline. It is highly expensive and addictive and can be taken via needle although it is unclear as to whether it is administered subcutaineously, intramuscularly, or via IV. Its effects are severely dibilitating, and on one character induces paranoia, catatonia, and loss of the ability to walk. Apparently rare even within the Limitless Fortress. Hardened and compacted, Aphrodite was fashioned into a fake Venus.
  • Backlash - Blackcollar - A drug taken to greatly improve the reflexes of special combat teams known as Blackcollars during the war between humans and an alien race called (The name of the alien race needs to be added). During and after the war the drug was mostly destroyed by the alien victors, who didn't want more Blackcollars being trained in secret, though it is/was still believed that instructions on how to make the drug exist. Little is known about the drug itself.
  • Blue Dreamers - Saturn 3
  • Blue Pill - EVE Online
  • BTL - "Beetle" (Better Than Life) electronic drug not unlike Tek from the Shadowrun roleplaying game.
  • Kamyla - sex drug, which suppresses free will. Kamyla.
  • Nalcon, Red - drugs that give psionic powers to the main protagonist in the Playstation game Galerians
  • Fly - military drug which increases strength, speed and stamina. Soldiers of Anarchy
  • Hypospray - different kinds of medicine. First appeared in Star Trek as a method of delivering a wide range of medical substances. Has since reappeared on numerous works of fiction. Often used in video / PC games to cure injuries. Example: Oni (computer game).
  • Sytropin - substance used to suppress Daodan transmutation in the PC game Oni. Background and composition unknown.
  • chlorhexinol - The Simpsons
  • Clarity - Minority Report (This is the street name for Neuroin)
  • Comatonin - Futurama
  • Crash - EVE Online
  • Crystal Dream - Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
  • Crystal Egg - EVE Online
  • cyclobenzanone - The Simpsons
  • Dancer - All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson
  • Desperance - Forward the Foundation. See also: Raych Seldon
  • Drop - EVE Online
  • Exile - EVE Online
  • Eye Candy - Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. A drug taken in form of eye drops. Effects similar to cocaine.
  • Frentix - EVE Online
  • Glint (aka Devil's Hairlip) - Strangers with Candy
  • Glycolauric Octanol (AKA "Glow") - Final Fight: Streetwise
  • Golden - The Sentinel (TV series)
  • Goofballs - The Simpsons
  • Havidol (avafynetyme HCl) - from Havidol website
  • Haza - Supernova
  • Heatstroke - TKKG Novels Series - a fictional and addictive designer drug
  • Hyperdrene - Alan Moore's Top 10 series -a hallucinogenic club drug; the pixie-like hallucinations it produces in users can be seen and heard by others, to their annoyance.
  • Juvenat - Warhammer 40,000 - Designed to retard the aging process in humans, it can allow someone who has regular treatment (normally nobility, Imperial Guard officers or Inquisitors) to live for several centuries.
  • Key 17 and Key 23 - The Invisibles
  • KT-28 - Watchmen
  • Lot 6 - Firestarter
  • MA-19 - Michael Moorcock's The Deep Fix and The Black Corridor
  • Mindflood - EVE Online
  • Mongoose Blood - Alan Moore's Top 10 series - a very potent stimulant club drug that can make dancers move so fast they're rendered invisible.
  • "The monkey drug" from Arrested Development (TV series)
  • MUSCLE - Logan's Run
  • Nectar - Haze (video game) - Gives the user better speed, accuracy and strength; the ability to see enemies through cover by highlighting them and a hazard warning sense.
  • Neotraxin - Six Million Dollar Man
  • Nerve Sticks - EVE Online
  • Orthopure Procreation Pills - The Running Man
  • Panadote - The Dying Sun
  • Paranoia (role-playing game) is rife with drugs, e.g. Sleepy-Tyme pills and Wakey-Wakey pills (most also have a pseudo-Latin name)
  • Pattern - Lexx episode "Eating Pattern"
  • phenolbutamine - The Simpsons
  • Pilene-50 - Blake's 7
  • Pop - True Crime: New York City
  • Progenitorivox - from the Consumers Union song "The Drugs I Need" by Austin Lounge Lizards
  • Quinium - from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, in the Season 6 finale "Goliath", this drug is used to treat malaria however it causes psychosis.
  • Semuta - Dune (novel)
  • Sky - The Invisibles
  • Sooth Sayer - EVE Online
  • Spank - Grand Theft Auto III
  • Stummies - Brain Candy
  • Stimu-Cranck: From the episode of The Simpsons: Maximum Homerdrive.
  • Teamocil - Arrested Development (TV series)
  • Tek - Tek War
  • Toad - Family Guy
  • Trinity - The Crow: City of Angels
  • Vitoc - EVE Online Was used by the Amarrian empire as a form of slave control due to its addictiveness.
  • Vurt Feathers - Vurt
  • Red Death - CSI Miami Like ecstasy, but has a different chemical compound so it isn't technically illegal. When used, the user feels nothing for a long time so they take more, and eventually overdose and die.
  • X-Instinct - EVE Online
  • Calminex -South Park mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine. Possibly a reference to Dextrometorphan.
  • dexatrimfan -South Park active ingredient in Calminex PM, cough medicine that "causes hallucinations in large doses".
  • Daytab Cold and Flu-South Park causes a "lucid, speedy kind of high", mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine.
  • Cortitussin Cough and Cold- South Park makes you "trip balls" ,mentioned in South Park episode "Quest for Ratings". Cough medicine.
  • Pearl Various books in the Bordertown series Produces a 'glow' feeling, has hallucinogenic effects (mostly in light and color perception), causes euphoria, and interferes with perception of time, and one's own movement. Usually taken nasally, but it's implied that you can also inject it. Withdrawal is extremely unpleasant, and goes on for weeks, with symptoms including vomiting, cramps, seizures, shaking and headaches "as sharp as amps feeding back at full vollume.
  • Shake Life on the Border New version of Pearl. Glittering pink and mauve flakes. Has Pearl's effects, (euphoria, hallucinations (light and color perception disturbed), altered sense of time and movement.) but also causes 'speedy little rushes' that feel similar to orgasm. Can be used pretty much any way you want, smoked, injected, eaten, snorted (like pearl), even taken in an enema. Described as "100% addictive" apparently a single use is enough to get hooked.
  • Fairy dust various books in the Bordertown series Both a cosmetic and a recreational drug, and the refined for of a substance by the same name used to make graffiti sparkle. Not very chemically addictive, but causes powerful psychological dependence in humans (although not in elves). Addicts are called "dust heads" and can be identified by the glittery aura around them, as well as by the fact that they walk into walls. Apparently hallucinogenic, users 'babble about faeries'. Cosmetically worn on the skin, or in hair, where it looks like glitter, and gives the faces of human wearers a 'vaguely elven' appearance. It can be snorted to get high, and whether it will get you high when used as makeup is debatable.
  • River Water/Red Water various books in the bordertown series Water from the "Mad River" that flows out of elfland and through the middle of bordertown. It has no effect on Truebloods (elves), but for humans, it's a very powerful drug. Descriptions of the effects are vague, but apparently amazing, and intense. Physical addictiveness is up for debate, but it is so strongly psychologically addictive that most human user get hooked after only trying it once. It's a translucent bright red liquid, described as 'the color of cherry soda'. Addicts, called river rats, or simply 'rats' are regarded with disdain by most bordertown residents, and smell terrible, apparently an effect that river water has on the chemistry of human sweat.
  • Dragon's Milk/Peca Various Bordertown books Used only by Truebloods (elves), it doesn't produce a high in humans, although it does cause severe nausea and vomiting. While the specific effects are uncertain, the initial rush feels like the top of your head gets blown off (but in a good way?) and you only remember pieces of what happens while you're on it. You can drink it, or smear a concentrated form on open cuts, usually made on the wrists or arms.
  • Goblin Fruit the essential bordertown: a travelers guide to the edge of faerie Fruit that looks like small gold plums. Mildly hallucinogenic, and non addictive.
  • Truly Magic Mushrooms the essential bordertown: a traveler's guide to the edge of faerie Most likely similar in effect to real world 'shrooms'. They grow wild in the 'Nevernever'a magical forest between bordertown and elfland. During autumn, when they are harvested, they can be eaten fresh, and they are used year round, dry, in tea.
  • Passport Finder A mutagen that alters human DNA, designed to make them enough like Truelboods (elves) that they can cross the magical border between Bordertown and Elfland. Causes weight loss, increase in height, and elongation of the fingers. Unfortunately it will also kill those who use it, can cause weird deformities (like making half your fingers longer than the other half), doesn't actually work, and is the vector fuor a disease that kills truebloods.
  • Third-Eye The Dresden Files:Storm Front (novel) Powerful halucinogen induces a powerful, uncontrolled psychic state.
  • Hobbitweed - J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - a mild narcotic, evidently much like marijuana, smoked in pipes
  • (The name of the drug needs to be added) Blackcollar - A drug that increases live span and helps keep muscles and bones strong, and alters the appearance of the user, making he or she look younger. Taken in doses. It is dangerous to take too many doses too close together. The effects will begin to wear off if the drug is not taken regularly. It was outlawed by the alien victors of the war against humans, before which it was widely used.

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