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List of glues

See adhesive for general discussion of glue.

This is a list of various types of glue. Historically, the term "glue" only referred to protein colloids prepared from animal flesh. The meaning has been extended to refer to any fluid adhesive.

There are many adhesive substances that are considered or commonly referred to as "glue":  

  • Cement glues:
    • Contact cement
    • Rubber cement
    • Pyroxylin cement
  • Canada balsam
  • Pastes:
    • Latex pastes
  • Vegetable-based glues:
    • Mucilage
    • Starch glue
    • Soybean glue
    • Tapioca paste (commonly known as "vegetable glue")
  • Wood glue
  • Animal glues
    • Hide glue (flake and liquid versions)
    • Bone glue
    • Fish glue
    • Meat glue
    • Rabbit skin glue
    • Horse
    • Hoof glue
  • Hot melt glue
    • Polyethylene hot melt
  • Solvent can bond by welding material together
    • Plastic cement
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