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Lubeck Waste Treatment Facility

  The Lübeck Waste Treatment Facility is a mechanical biological treatment plant located near the city of Lübeck in Germany.[1] The facility treats the entire municipalities waste stream utilising a municipal waste treatment process consisting of mechanical sorting and anaerobic digestion. The facility has the ability to process up to 150,000 tpa of mixed waste.[2] This facility was constructed in 2005 at Luebeck-Niemark and utilises the Haase MBT+WAD process.[3][4]

The waste treatment facility also includes a separate composting facility for green waste.

The first component of the process recovers metals and recyclable elements from the incoming waste. It also produces a refuse-derived fuel which is sent to a dedicated combustion facility to supply domesitc heat and electricity to the town of Neumünster.[5]

The system design at Lubeck has been the inspiration for three facilities planned for construction by Viridor as part of the Greater Manchester waste PFI project.[6][7]

The anaerobic digestion plant produces biogas that in turn is used to generate renewable energy in a combined heat and power module.

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