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Lunac (alloy and trans-ceramic coatings)

For other uses, see Lunac (disambiguation)

Lunac (alloy and trans-ceramic coatings) refers to two kinds of coating developed by the WMV laboratories. Lunac 1 is a metallic glass coating with particularly good non-stick properties, used mainly for coating the insides of dies used in plastic molding; Lunac 2 + is a very hard (up to Hv=2300) trans-ceramic coating, resistant to abrasive wear, used for coating moving machine parts which cannot otherwise be lubricated.

The coatings are fairly thick, from 50 to 250 micrometres. The composition is not described on WMV's website, and the only provider of coating services is WMV.

Research beginning in the late 1990s revealed other new features such as a remarkable friction reduction in some seal-coated axle systems in water. Coefficient of friction down to 0.011 can be obtained in combination with some plastics.

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