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Magnetic water treatment

Magnetic water treatment is a method of water softening.

The tools for magnetic water treatment are often sold by home distributors, who have made dubious claims of effectiveness.[1] Proponents of the method assert that powerful magnets sandwiched over a water line, so the water passes through the magnetic field, will treat the water without the need for chemical softening agents. The claim usually is that the shapes of the mineral molecules in hard water are modified enough to not only eliminate build-up of calcium and lime, but limescale already in the system will be removed.

Sellers of the technology also say that treatment of water with magnets can treat blood circulation, prevent or cure disease, increase the strength of concrete, and prevent tooth decay.[1]

Vendors have pictures and testimonials to corroborate their claims, but there are several scientific studies that refute the effectiveness of the method.[1] Consumer Reports carried out a two-year experiment with two water heaters; the end result showed no evidence of any benefit.


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