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Mass spectrometry data formats

Here the main mass spectrometry data formats are listed.



mzXML is a XML (eXtensible Markup Language) based common file format for proteomics mass spectrometric data.[1][2] Most mass spectrometers do not directly produce mzXML data, but there are several tools available that generate mzXML files from native acquisition files. An open source project known as Sashimi[3] offers a collection of converter programs for some common mass spectrometric file formats. Currently there are converters available at Sashimi for ThermoFinnigan (Xcalibur), MassWolf (Micromass MassLynx) and mzStar (SCIEX/ABI Analyst). Bruker's free CompassXport tool will nicely generate mzXML (and now mzData) files for many of their native file formats.


The Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) has developed a common file format called mzData which offers similar functionality to mzXML.[4]


The existence of the two above standard formats for proteomics data is an undesirable state. Thus, mzData and mzXML developers are currently developing the joint format called mzML.[4][5]


Known viewers for mzXML and mzData:

Complex Tracker (CovalX website)
Insilicos (Insilicos website)
MS-Spectre (MS-Spectre website)
TOPPView (OpenMS and TOPP website)

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