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Melungeon DNA Project

The Melungeon DNA Project was created as a genetic study of males and females who claim to have Melungeon ancestry. The participants must descend in a genealogically useful line; i.e., father to son to son, etc. for the Y chromosome testing and mother to daughter to daughter, etc. for the mtDNA testing. The DNA results, combined with extensive genealogy research, hopefully will open some new windows for research on the Melungeon hypotheses.

DNA information is to be used in conjunction with historical and traditional research. DNA results do not often "prove" a relationship, but can be helpful in guiding research. If a profile does not match, obviously a hypothesized relationship may be incorrect. At other times it may point to an unknown adoption in the family, or some other so-called non-paternity event.

Family Tree DNA of Houston was chosen to perform the testing for this project. The results are presented on two websites; Melungeon DNA Projectand a public website at Family Tree DNA. Unlike previous Melungeon DNA testing, this project has striven to provide full disclosure. Only the participant's names are kept private. Ancestral charts and individual genetic results including haplogroups are published for the public to access. This means any researcher can view this information.


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